Monday, October 5, 2009

Macro Mystery.............See Update Below

Let's have a little fun! The following are common blooms I am sure you would recognize in a heartbeat, but macro-size 'em, and they just may stump you.... no particular order, leave me a comment and identify as many as you can.

And no peeking at previous comments!

No need to get technical...common names are fine.
But don't be sassy and say 'pink flower'...!

This one is WAY easy but I love the texture!

Okay, no mystery here, just a very happy mom who got to see her baby this past weekend at college. Weather could have been better but her bright smile was sunshine enough for me!

So give it your best shot, guys! I'll announce the 'winner' in the next post!
Have fun and Good Luck!
UPDATE: And the WINNER is...drum roll please....Mr_Subjunctive!
Of the 12 in question...8 were correct!
Then a 4-way tie with Catherine, Tina, Lona and Wendy...each with 7 correct answers :)
Even our author friend, Chuck, took a stab and was 100% on his one!
So here's the reveal:
Morning glory
Plumes of a red smoke bush
Crimped edge of a daylily
Campanula (balloon flower)
Purple ornamental cabbage(kale).
Most of you guessed coleus on this one and I bet I would have, too!
Beauty berry
Tricyrtis (toad lily)
I'm glad you had a little fun with this post....thanks again for playing!!


  1. Lynn,
    I recognized a Dahlia, a morning glory, and some beauty berry and maybe a coleus. This was a very intitmate view of flowers usually not seen so up close and personal! Thank you so much for sharing. And I am glad you got to see your beautiful daughter. I got to see my daughter as well, she has really matured a lot in just two months.

  2. Hmm.

    1) Morning glory. 2) I'm fairly sure I know this but I can't think of the name. 3) Magnolia? 4) No idea. 5) Petunia. 6) Gaillardia? Gazania? 7) Coleus? 8) Beautyberry? 9) Dahlia. 10) Toad lily. 11) Pansy or Viola. 12) Iris. 13) People.

    Some of those are amazing photos. Particularly fond of the morning glory and toad lily.

  3. I cannot make a guess on two or three of them... but I love the third photo from the top and the one just above the iris. :-) Wonderful photos!! :-) Thanks for this fun post.

  4. Morning glory, daylily, kale, beautyberry, pansy, dahlia, toad lily.
    Glad you got to see your daughter!

  5. Not good at this, but they're great pictures anyway!!

  6. I cant recognize any, but they are all very beautiful!

  7. Hi Lynn! how are you today? Love these macro views of the flowers. The yellow one is a gazania?

  8. The morning glory is pretty easy. I also see beautyberry, iris, toadlily, dahlia, sunflower or gallardia, iris petal?, maybe a lily.

  9. Good morning,
    Here's what I see: morning glory, ?, hibiscus, daylily,campanula,?,?,?,zinnia, tricyrtis,? and an iris! That was fun!
    It is nice when you visited,
    Have a good day.

  10. The morning glory is such a beautiful shot. Now lets see, I confess some have me really stumped.
    Lily,blue campanula, beauty berry,coleus,dahlia, toad lily, iris.
    That hairy one has me, the white one is a beauty also but I am stumped and I cannot figure out what the blue and yellow one is either.Nor the yellow and brown bloom.
    This is just terrible ;-)
    What fantastic macro shots Lynn. Fun trying to figure them out.

  11. Lynn, I guess seeing your beautiful daughter must have stimulated a lot of creative juices in you. I have never thought of my flowers in such a macro view, so I can't even imagine how they would look like from such a close angle. Ok, Ok, I'm just waiting for the answers, brain in sleep mode now since it is going to be midnight soon.

  12. whoa.. jaw-dropping, Lynn!
    you know how to celebrate the small wonders!

    i think i recognize the round, purple ones...
    is that a Beauty Berry?

    seriously - incredible work!
    an off-the-charts 11!

    ps the last pic especially depicts Nature's beauty!!

  13. Morning Glory, beautyberry, balloon flower, some type of lettuce or kale leaf, toad lily,dahlia,sunflower, red twig paticular order and I promise I did not look. I love these games

  14. ok, I did cheat a little by peeking at previous comments, but am NOT really cheating b/c I wrote my responses on paper first. So...Don't know the first. Clematis, GORGEOUS WHITE PHOTO!!! (but don't know - I would say magnolia but I doubt it), daylily, geranium, coleus, beautyberry, dahlia, toadlily, pansy, iris.

    This was soooooo fun!! The photos were stunning too!

    How great that you got to see your daughter. So you'll be going to bed happy and content and at a reasonable hour now??!

  15. My favorite photo is the third one. Sweet ambrosia is what you've given me today for macro photography is one of my favorite things. As for what the flowers are most of them I haven't a clue. I come to your blog to enjoy flowers and marvel at the variety for in our area flowers are few. In fact tonight, the weatherman says five more inches of snow are on their way. We just had five. Thanks for the bit of sunshine.

  16. First these are GREAT pictures.
    2-no clue
    7-coleus different kind
    8+9-awesome pictures..have no idea
    10-have it...toad lily
    11-pansies...too easy

    Meant to tell you I was rooting for you at blotanical...well me first :)
    You have a most enjoyable way of posting. Easy to look at blog. And you're friendly.

    Anyway just had to tell you. :)

  17. Hi Lynn,

    No way I could even attempt to identify the flowers, but they are beautiful!

    I did peek at the other comments and noticed that even an expert like Patsi had to say 'no clue' to one of them.

    Lovely picture of you and your daughter! Two beautiful young ladies!


  18. Hi. I wandered into your blog from elsewhere and proved to be useless at identifying the plants - but had great fun trying!

    I love the photo of you and your daughter - I am missing my daughter now she's gone back to uni and I can't wait to see her again!

    Thanks for a lovely blog :)

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Hi ALL! It was fun reading all your guesses and comments! Always knew you were a smart An update with the winner is at the bottom of the this post. Thanks again for playing ;)

  21. You are a spectacular photographer! Stunning photos!Wonderful!!

  22. Hi Lynn-
    fun idea, I came too late to enter the contest but only guessed 5 out of 12 correctly, I thought the iris was an orchid, amazing.

  23. Now that the answers are revealed gee it is all so easy! Ha!

  24. you know how to
    make a game fun, Lynn!

  25. You've got to do that again soon!!

  26. I only recognise the dahlia - have no clue with the rest. But you have really brought a great mystery with these flowers!!
    Wow... Im amazed at those beauties.

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