Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bold and Beautiful!

We've been thinking how sad it is that Summer is gone but look around and it's so evident that Fall has so much to offer and we are instantly cheered...I know I am! Sure, mums are the mainstay of my Fall garden but there is so much more being offered! Think grasses, aster, ornamental kale, berries, pansies....the list goes on and on!

Speaking of mums, these have been blooming for over a month but now with 'Montauk Daisies' keeping them company, they just pop! At almost 3ft(!), bright and cheerful Melapodiums never looked so good...and they are all volunteers! Can't beat free plants! "Enough pics of's my turn!" Yep, that's what Lacey said! Lovely swallowtails still hanging about... Ever notice how many different shades of red there are in one cluster of 'Autumn Joy' sedum? YAY for dahlias! Many more buds left to open....I hope! But last bloom on 'Day Breaker' rose....*sad sigh* This guy cheered me up with a game of Peek-A-Boo!

"Anemonemone"...quoting Disney's that movie! Wild goldenrod...the bane of my fall allergies! But, I'll suffer gladly, for the blooms are beautiful in arrangements.
Lovely bold berries of the pyracanthus

And speaking of comes the 4-legged kind! A wet forecast today but that's alright. Em and I are hitting the Mall for a Homecoming dress then some hand and feet pampering at the Spa ;) Here's to a fun weekend everyone!
P.S. In case you missed it, I did announce the WINNER from the Macro Mystery game at the end of that post. Thanks again for playing ;)


  1. You still have so much going Lynn. Love your volunteers - you've got a bunch of 'em don't ya?
    Should I, like everyone else, tell you how pretty the bold ones are? LOL They really are but you and I know how pretty they aren't!

  2. You make fall look great! I have never seen melanpodiums look so good as they do in your garden.

    I did look back at the macro mystery post but must've missed the addition of the winner. I'll go recheck. Have a great weekend.

  3. Lynn,
    Such an appropriate name for this post!
    I love Bandit, cute kitty but I think those deer are trying to look innocent, and they are not in any way.
    Thanks for the eye candy! Great new header shot!

  4. Yes, yes, yes to purples and pinks, whites and reds! Traditional yellow/orange/brown pallette makes me bored. Thank you Lynn!

  5. Beautiful pictures! You're right, once I let myself get into the spirit of fall I realized just how much this season has to offer. You garden looks pretty as usual!

  6. I love your new header which is very appropriate for fall season. There seems to be some silvery (magical?) dust on the rose. The deer friends certainly look very innocent indeed. Maybe can train them up as commandos to help out in your garden just like those fellas in the G-Force movie. How I wish I can fix a device on their heads and communicate with them in a human voice!

  7. your garden is mind-blowing.
    as is your photography.

    it's evident what kind
    of person you are.

    peace~ Chuck

  8. Hi Linda! The melapodiums came back quite late this year (July?) so that's why they are still going strong. I love that they are easy peasy and don't require any care! I shooed away the double trouble team after I took that photo...such pests they are!

    Thanks, Tina! And you did great on answering the macro mystery!

    Thanks for noticing the new header photo, Rosey! It was a beautiful tree I came across on a hike and was thankful to have my camera on me.

    Hi Tatyana! I know you love bright colors too! (Thinking of your last post with all the cool reds) And I'm still hoping for more photos of Hawaii..hint, hint ;)

  9. Summer and spring are colourful. But autumn is as colourful except for the fact that the range of colour is somewhat limited. Yellow, Red and Brown on leaves is as beautiful as on flowers!! ~cheers, ~bangchik

  10. wow, how do you get all these pics?! The peekaboo is so funny. The rose looks like an edible rose dipped in sugar, doesn't it?

  11. Thanks, Catherine! I know your garden is still chockful of color as we share alot of the same plants;)

    Hi Autumn Belle! Magic dust on the rose~I like that! Now there's a deer to eat only weeds and leave alone our prized!

    Aww..thanks, Chuck;) You are way too kind!

    Yes, I agree, Bangchik. Lucky you though to enjoy bold and beautiful colors all year 'round!

    Patience, my dear, Wendy, patience! The praying mantis gave me a startle as I was so concentrating on the skippers and didn't see him for a long time! And yes I do nibble on the roses when I'm extra!

  12. Melapodiums are volunteers? Amazing! They are sold in small pots here. Oh that 'peek-a-boo' pic is a good one. I like it very much :-)

  13. Hi Lynn,
    You have some fall blooming beauties! Your anemone looks different than others I have seen. I like it. I like them all, and want to get some more. I have September Charm that I planted last year. I'd never grown them before. I need to move it, too, because it's too crowded by the plants around it.

    Lacey looks like she found just the right spot to pose for the camera. I love your dahlia, too.

  14. Hi Lynn, your autumn garden is gorgeous...I love those orange lanturns in your last post! Their deep red/orange is stunning next to the white daisies. And those 'montauk' daisies and mums look awesome together. Your garden has to be magical in person! SO much variety, and such tender care given to it! Hope your daughter got the dress she was looking for...beautiful, I'm sure!

  15. Lynn, What beautiful (and bright!) photos. :-) It looks as though you might have stopped the deer from entering your gardens... but it also seems that they're thinking they'll return. (hopefully not!)

  16. I thought the fall will make everything look red & gold but yours look so much like an extended version of summer!
    I guess the way each one of us see the changes of the season in a new way and you have managed to capture that beauty excellently!

  17. Hi Lynn, what cheerfulness you have shown us today! All so lovely. Many people do underestimate the number of plants that offer fall interest beyond the mums. Grasses and the changing foliage of even things like hostas and daylilies can add sparks to this time of year. :-)

  18. Thanks, Stephanie! The melapodiums are supposed to be annuals, too! I originally bought them for mixed pots a few years ago and was surprised when I saw them sprouting all over the garden :)

    Hi Sue, I have the Japanese anemones on my list now (white blooms) as they're so beautiful! They are easy-care plants with long-lasting blooms...what more can you ask for. Thanks for visiting...hope snow is NOT in your forecast this week!

    Hey Jan! Thankfully, we found a dress for Em in the first store I am not your typically girl who likes to clothes shop! You know I'd rather be at a nursery ;)

    Thank you, SG! I spotted one of the deer limping badly yesterday...broken foot, maybe? So now I have to allow her to feed out of guilt.

    Hey, thanks for visiting, James! By the end of the month, the garden will definitely slow down here so I'm enjoying all I can right now.

  19. Wow, this was a super gorgeous post! Everytime I saw a favorite photo..there was another!! I love the Kitty..awww....and all the butterfly shots!! You are a fabulous photographer and i felt like each photo was jumping out from the screen! A very enchanting colorful and vibrant post!! What a great dose of color therapy for the day! Thanks! Inspiring photos!

  20. So many lovelies still blooming there in your garden! I love Chinese Lantern, no matter how weedy others think they are, but haven't grown them in years. I have a vase full on my fridge, but the orange has faded away. Perhaps I should try growing them again for a fresh batch!

  21. Mums,daisies,berries and your wildlife are a great way to show how wonderful Autumn can be.
    Great pictures.

  22. Lynn, it's me again! I looked at your gorgeous images one more time. The Day Breaker looks like you put some sugar on its edges! It would make a great card! Thanks for your comment on my last post. I will watch those climbing hydrangeas and prune them. I have hundreds of pics from Hawaii. One day I will post them. I'm afraid that bright tropical colors could irritate autumn palette lovers. They might beat me up! Thank you for remembering my posts!

  23. I am speechless!

    Wonderful pics and beautiful garden!
    loved it

  24. Girl, you are so talented I want to slap you...:)

    No worries folks...
    From one Jersey girl to another this is a compliment :)

  25. And Lynn..your header reminds me of salsa and tortilla chips...which gets me thinking about margies...

    Peace - Rene


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