Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Doctor....I Can't Sleep!

I am wide awake and it's 3am! It's happening more and more...I don't like it! So what to do except this! Gee, if only we could get paid for blogging..we'd do it 24/7 right?

For the last week, after every couple of functions on the keyboard, I get a warning that I'm running low on disk space. Deleting files from the hard drive is kind of confusing since I'm not sure which ones are junk. Weeding through my photo files will save alot of room. Each month's file has about 1,000 pics so I'm deleting a ton of them! Email in-box is also a big culprit. This will take time so, at least for tonight, I have something to do!

Some very random photos before I hit 'Delete'.

We live in one of the highest points in Clinton, and just a few streets over, homes have this view of the reservoir! I was gardening last week when I noticed the pretty pink cast in the sky so in I ran for the car keys and camera and was just in time to capture this sunset. Going... Going... Gone! Too bad they're blurry!This blooming weed is all over my yard. Mr_Subj just did a post identifying it. I pull out tons but leave some to bloom for late interest, and they look great in arrangements. See...very similar to baby's breath. I just threw them together with some sedum, verbena and chinese lantern pods. Don't know why I'm not sleeping well. My schedule has been kind of crazy too so I SHOULD be exhausted. Could it have anything to do with my baby being away at college? You bet! So if I don't mention it, would you notice that her dress is on backwards here?! I miss you, kiddo! My little white fluff ball of a shadow is right here beside me though. Bandit was in snoring mode but as soon as I crept out of bed, he was up! Don't you just love that in a pet? Well, okay....maybe NOT when you really want some privacy...lol!I wouldn't think I'm alone in this wide-eyed dilemma...I bet some of you can totally relate...right?
You just know I'll be a walking zombie come 2pm! Yawning, puffy bags under the eyes, sleeping at my desk...but, let's not go there!I found this praying mantis getting ready to take a chomp on this cicada...WARNING...kinda gross! Ewww...

Driving home a few nights ago, I noticed the cloudscapes were kind of eerie, but also kind of pretty. So I had to pull over and trek through some very prickly brush to find this! I sat a bit admiring the view but it got dark fast and I was creeping myself out! This is exactly what you tell your kids NOT to do...
On the news the other night, I saw a story about a facility in NYC that caters to all-night insomniacs. You check in after dark. Dinner is served at midnight, then activities til sunrise! Sounds like a fun club! Wonder if the doc will write me a Rx.
Hey, thanks for the company guys but now I am just rambling....
Please...tell me your cure for insomnia!
Better get back to my project * Yawn*


  1. Oh Lynn, I am so sorry for your sleeping problems. Once you get into that rut, it is difficult to climb out. The computer and internet are certainly the best friend of insomniacs, so much better than the boob tube! I love that eerie sky, a perfect shot for a Hallowe'en post. Worry is a prime cause for sleep problems, so maybe give your baby in the backward dress, too cute!, a call to put your mind at ease. Learn to put your troubles into a seperate room and close the door when you are going to sleep. My oldest daughter puts hers into her pinky toe, she says. Good luck and pleasant dreams. :-)

  2. Hey...it's 4:37 for me, and I am scarily accurate at waking up at that exact moment..

    And "lost" is making me cry on your jukebox so I have to turn it off...

    can you back some of your junk up( not being fresh here) on a scandisk? I do that all the time.

    The next time you are up give me a shout..I may be up as well :)

    LOVED those "When Praying Mantis' Attack" shots :)

    Peace - Rene

  3. Sweet Frances, not as much worried as too much on the brain...you know! I'm an expert at cat-napping though so that's what's gettin me through the day! You are an early riser too!

    Ah...must be your muse waking you up, Rene! Unbelievable coincidence...my scary time (4 out of 5) is 4:44! I'll lay awake for however long but when I look at the clock, it's that time! We better go buy some lottery tickets!

    Sorry for the tears...I needed something soothing! And thanks I am looking into a storage attachment.

  4. Awesome shots Lynn! I simply adore that flower arrangement. You are most talented. Cute doggie and so glad Bandit is able to keep you company in the garden while your daughter is away. P.S. I take short naps when I can't sleep-works like a charm to catch up.

  5. Hi Lynn, I am in your same boat, sleep wise that is. I am up 2:30 every morning for two weeks now. I am tired. You'd think I could sleep when it's gone on too long but guess I'll be visiting with Melatonin again. Good luck with your!

  6. Sweetie, I hope the sandman finds you tonight! I hate it when I cant sleep. Beautiful photos!

  7. well I say we sure benefited from your sleeplessness beautiful pictures. My computer has been giving me the same message I had a tech here last week he told me about a free download at www.ccleaner.com just bypass all the paypal stuff it cleaned stuff that I didn't even know about. The only thing is make sure you know all your sign in and pass words because it will wipe out those also. I also went into ~ Set up ~ add and delete section on my computer and went through every program if I had not used it in the last 2 years I deleted it. Things seem to be working great now it even made the picture on my screen clearer. hope this helps hugs, Cherry

  8. Lynn Cherry is right - we certainly benefited from your lack of sleep with those beautiful pictures. And I love your arrangement - I saw those little lanterns the other day - how cute.
    Welcome to my world. I haven't been able to sleep in a few years now. I'm sure I'm either a walking zombie or I've learned to fake it. Now I have started sleeping in the early evening - like when 1 of my 3 TV shows I like is on. I hate that. Then through the night I am up every hour and I can tell ya the time by it. I wish I could help but haven't figured out how to take care of my own insomnia. I do know lots of women go through this though. I know that doesn't help make us feel better but at least we know we aren't alone! I hope yours gets better.

  9. Lynn,
    I hope you get some much needed ZZZZ's soon!
    My cure for insomnia, reading War and Peace.
    My daughter is away at college and I had a hard time adjusting, but it is getting better.
    Your photos are just lovely!

  10. Lynn, sorry to hear you are not sleeping. It can really wear you down and you still do not sleep.
    So glad you shared these beautiful pictures before you hit the delete button. I love picture of sunrises and sunsets. The picture with all of the pink impatiens around the tree is so pretty.

  11. I always wished I could take those refreshing cat naps like my hubby who who was always good to go after a ten minute nap.

  12. I hope that you have backed up these photos somewhere before deleting them 'cos they are so beautiful. The chinese lanterns are heart shaped! How I wish I have them for my mid-autumn festival. Waking up at 4 something in the morning has become quite a norm for me, don't know why either.

  13. Dear Lynn, I hope you managed to sleep at SOME point since writing this post! Insomnia is miserable. My poor daughter has had it on and off since high school. She's a jr. in college now and just started taking ambien, it's gotten so bad. I worry about her on it, but she seems to be doing much better, so hopefully she won't have any of the side effects like getting up and sleep-driving around town and having a car accident!! You have the most lovely flowers, blooms and photos--the sun setting doesn't look blurry to me...those are outstanding shots! And your little white dog is adorable. The praying mantis eating the cicada is a great shot...despite it's grizzliness! I hope you will find a way to sleep through the night.Best wishes;-)

  14. Sorry for your sleeping woes. I've had them for some time and have tried lots of remedies-- herbal tea, benedryl (when I'm desperate), homeopathic remedies, counting sheep, counting sheep backwards. Your post is really cute.

  15. Thanks Tina and Missy ;)

    Heather, I figured you're an early riser with all those animules to feed but, yeah, 2:30 is NOT good!

    Hey Cherry, thank you sooo much for the info! I did purge alot of old programs too but it's still just a 1/4 of the space recommended to clean...still working on it. Glad yours went well!

    Haha, thanks Linda! I've heard lots of older friends complain too! And when the night sweats starts...forget it! An earlier bedtime might be the trick...but here it is 9pm and I'm wired from 3 hours of gym classes!

  16. What a beautiful, nostalgic, and interesting post! You certainly covered the whole sphere of interests. :-) I really enjoyed it!

  17. Well, I'm sure you've been told that when you can't sleep you're supposed to turn the computer OFF and try!!!

    These were great photos to share - thanks! I cna't believe you got that one of the beetle and praying mantis! THe one of your daughter and you is sooooo sweet. Especially with your music playin in the background (I got michael buble - ooh blast from the past with morris day!). The one of your little dog is soooooooo cute!!!

    SPeaking of sleep, I should start winding down. I hate this work thing. I was born to be a night owl and having to get up at 5am sucks. I'd really rather be up all night doing things on the computer.

  18. I had the same problem few months ago for period of time. In my case, it was not so easy to get out from it. When I just couldn't sleep that night, I would be awake till dawn. Just happens sometimes. Oh as I do not really like reading books, I go find a book to read just to make myself tired/bored. This way, I would want to sleep more. In any case, I like the pictures that you have posted here. Lovely as always!

  19. So War and Peace is the trick, huh Rosey? We'll get to see Amanda this weekend so i'm thrilled!

    Lona, those impatiens are in the parking lot of a local nursery...I drive by it almost everyday and they still look great!

    Thanks, MNG. 20-min cat naps work for me! If I'm working..that's what I do at lunch break!

    Hey Autumn Belle, let's start a club for us 4am zombies!

    Hi Jan, actually 20 hrs. I lasted yesterday! And I was up again before 3 this morning! Yes, a problem we wouldn't want our kids to go through. Thanks, Jan!

    Mary Delle, tylenol pm sometimes work but I hate takin pills. It'll pass soon...I hope!

  20. Okay, Wendy, where's the fun in doing what you're supposed to do! Of course, I know better! I am so NOT a night owl, unless I'm clubbing, so all this no-sleep will catch up with me eventually and I'll pass out for 3 days...haha!

    Thank you, Stephanie! Have a great day!

  21. What gorgeous pictures you took. I really enjoyed my visit to your beautiful blog this morning.

  22. Wow - look what happens when you are awake at 3 am. Nice pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog

  23. If I had any good cures, I'd sure use them on myself! If I find myself flopping around in the bed, I just get up and read garden blogs till I get sleepy. Lots of pretty things still blooming there, and gross bugs too. LOL I just posted some buggy friends too. And LOVE the sunset!

  24. I have some of those nights where my mind just won't stop and laying there trying to fall asleep is the worst. Hope you can get some sleep soon. I'm sure thinking about your daughter being away doesn't help.
    These were some great pictures. I love the one of your dog sniffing the flower, the praying mantis ones were interesting and the sunset shots beautiful.

  25. I love the pics of the sun! The arrangement you put together with the Chinese Laterns is gorgeous! I feel for you when it comes to insomnia... I have the same problem. Finally after 2 deaths in our family I had to break down and get an Rx for Ambien... Let me tell ya... that stuff will knock you right out! LOL Hope you are sleeping better these days. -Jackie

  26. Hi, just drop by to visit your lovely blog & post.

    Hope you manage to rest and clear your computer files. Your garden is so lovely.

    Would love to hear your comment about my garden and thoughts from you.
    Happy Blogging

  27. Sleeeep!

    beautiful photographs, Lynn!
    just flippin' stunning!

  28. Very nice post Lynn, your 'baby' is so cute, even with her backwards dress. I have to admit I was happy my girls went to college close to home. I sure do miss the middle one now that she got transferred to DC for her job.

    I've had similar trouble sleeping, just can't turn off my thoughts sometimes, and night sweats sure don't help. A few things that have helped me - saying no to caffeine, even in the morning, (easier said than done when you're tired in the morning from not enough sleep!) and taking magnesium and/or melatonin about 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed. Magnesium's just a mineral, and something our bodies need anyway. Melatonin's a natural hormone, and I figure it's probably safer than some of the artificial sleep aids I could be using. Either of these two work well for me, and in combination, even better.

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