Monday, September 21, 2009

Gardener Down!

Ever have one of those days when you find the energy to just go non-stop? Yesterday was that day for me! Out the door even before my first cup of coffee, ready to tackle the garden. Breezy and overcast so it was perfect weather to get down and dirty.

Of course, I always find it hard to decide which area to tackle first but since the deer did so much damage last week, the veg garden was a good choice. Everything came out except basil and hot peppers. The veg garden now will be used to hold over daylilies that need dividing.
By late morning the sun was beating down pretty good. And, surprisingly, the gnats were out in full force! So on came my perfume of choice...DEET! Think me crazy but I actually like the smell! The trick is to spray above your head/hat so they stay out of your face. Nothing worse than gnats in the eyes, nose and mouth! AAccckkppptttchooo....
Starving for lunch but too impatient to stop, I grabbed a nutritious-packed Snickers bar! And it was sooo good I couldn't stop at one! For dessert...a Reese Peanut Butter Cup! You just know I'll feel guilty about that later! Well, that did the trick...instant sugar boost and I lasted another 4 hours!
St. John's Wort...I'm thrilled it's still blooming so well this late in the season! A few re-blooming delphiniums...
Ok, no peeking...what is this strange looking thing? Yep, seed pods of butterfly weed (Asclepias)By the time I took a series from this angle, all the fuzzies had disbursed. This is probably how the 'Blackberry Lily' came by it's name. Zephirine Drouhin...odd blooms here and thereBy dusk, these achy bones were feeling it! Em actually saw me from the house and snapped this...little stinker. Go ahead, have a good laugh...I don't mind! Actually, my down time lasted a good 15 minutes! Still limping (ankle injury last week), exhausted, light-headed from lack of food, or maybe my ponytail was too tight!....I was ready to call it quits. So today, I am taking it easy...I have no choice! Some days, you just feel your age...ya know!


  1. ROLF! I know just how you feel, Lynn, doing the same overdose on Friday after days and days of rain, without the sugar boost! Must remember to keep candy in the garage fridge, excellent idea! Hope you are recovering nicely, but it feels so good to gets lots of stuff done, doesn't it! :-)

  2. lol! this is totally hilarious!! Sounds like you had a busy day!!

    I'm yearning for one of those my household right now, everyone's been too busy, too sick, too whatever to allow me out the door. I'm look out longingly at the dying seedlings in the vegetable garden, the bags of compost and mulch on the front lawn since last weekend, and cannot think of when I'll be able to go out. I stayed home today to work on my college recommendation letters and wouldn't you know it, my younger daughter ended up getting sick, so I coudln't even work on that!. Anyway, I'm feeling like you are in the last pic, but in my house on the bed - not outdoors. :(

    Hey, in your pic of the pink flower with the yellow stamen, what are the ball looking things fuzzy in the background? Looks like some sort of allium or something???

  3. Oh are a riot and the pic of you crashing in the garden is too funny.

    I love butterfly weed and I can't resist playing with it..ever!

    I hope you kept hydrated, otherwise consider this a good old fashioned finger wagging :)

    Peace - Rene

    Snickers = Yum

  4. Hey Lynn - sometimes I think gardening is a young person's job - I've spent many a day getting over a day of gardening. Love the photo - been there, done that too!

  5. awesome post!

    and only you can say
    when you need to
    treat yourself
    or step off...

    love that you know when to say When!

    keep it where ya got it, Lynn!
    peace~ Chuck

  6. Great post. It was fun to follow you through the day. You went the whole day. Kudos!

  7. Hi Frances, yes it does feel good! Beds are weeded and cleaned but the next task is planting the 600 bulbs I ordered..yikes!

    Wendy, hope you're not getting what your daughter has! The pink flower in question is an anemone and 'ball looking fuzzy things' (talk about lol!) are just buds of the anemone! Those mulch bags aren't going anywhere...haha!

    Rene, Uh-oh, a finger wagging! Nope, I was a bad girl..cuz then I'd have to pee and I was on a roll! Ok, TMI..ha!

  8. Lynn, I loved seeing your beautiful photos and reading your humorous tale of a very busy day! Especially like the pic of you on the ground. I wouldn't have wanted to get up after all that work! Did you mention drinking water? I sure hope you had enough hydration. Thoroughly enjoyable post ... and yes, we will get those daffodils planted.


  9. Your plants must have appreciated your labor a lot! So you hurt your ankle last week? I was thinking what was keeping you back for a whole week. Perhaps you were making up to the lost time!
    Enjoy your post, as always.

  10. I love those kind of days! THey don't happen as much as they used to, but occasionally I can surprise myself. I am telling you that my sloggers hat that has bug repellent is the best for keeping those gnats away. It so works, and when they are ridiculous I resort to a buzz off hood. My husband had one on the other day. Pride about what you might look like slips away when you work in the garden and are being driven crazy by those bugs. I love your last photo. That's exactly how I feel at the end of a full gardening day. You got it perfect! Good for you!

  11. This was so funny! Who wants to stop to eat when there is gardening to do and you're in the mood. Those candy bars would've been my first choices, I'm very into Snickers now :)
    It is a great feeling to a have whole day to get some serious gardening done. I think it's hilarious that your daughter took that picture!! :)

  12. Lynn, I love your last photo. That's exactly what I'd love to do after I'm finished with prunning and clearing up. The hardest part are my bamboos and the torch ginger. But too bad for me, I don't have enough room in my lawn to lie down nicely.

  13. Hi Heather, thanks for visiting :) I tend to forget the age thing and ALWAYS go overboard...and yes, I'm still feeling it today!

    Thanks Chuck! I had to say 'when' since it was getting hard to see...but I have been known to garden with a!

    Mary, a whole day goes really fast when you love what your'e doing and have great tunes to keep you happy..of course, the sugar helped ;)

    Hi Ginny, I didn't want to get up either! Would have been happy to've been thrown a blanket and pillow and spent the night right there!

  14. So hardworking Lynn? Marathon gardening? But it is a good way make your body exercise :-) Looking at the many beautiful blooms you have in your garden, it's all worth the effort! Your garden is so attractive. I hope that you have had a good rest today. Happy gardening!

  15. You are a hoot!!! Beautiful photos of your blooms and seed pods.....

  16. Oh my, I need you to swing by my place next time you have all that energy. I'd never last without food! I worked for three hours straight yesterday, and that was enough. But then again, I did have to get ready and go to work for 8 hours till 11 at night! I'm sure your place looks great after all your hard work.

  17. Lynn you are just too funny. I love reading your posts and letting you over work so I can watch and learn (and not get anything done).
    I did the front bank the other day and didn't think I'd make it up the driveway at the end of the day and I'm still not done - slow worker! Good choices for nutrition too. Sorry the deer went through and wrecked stuff. I saw Mama and her twins the other day and am not planting another thing until I get into town for more spray!

  18. Hi Ha Xuan! I have a weak left ankle and was carrying a flat of pansies last week and didn't see where I stepped so tripped! It's much better by now, thanks!

    Lol, Teresa, a buzz off hood?? Is it on your site? Yeah, who cares what you look like when those nasty gnats are everywhere!

    Hi Catherine! Em likes to post embarrassing photos of me on Facebook...especially when's she's mad at me! Thanks for visiting!

  19. Upon seeing your photos I now MUST plant some blue delphiniums. I have long admired this tone of blue.
    I like your dh's nickname Hubba Hubba and your question "passionate gardener, is there any other kind?"
    So true.
    You adore day lilies and for me, it is Asiatic and Oriental lilies. They are all pretty.

  20. Oh, Lynn, your title scared me, but when I found out the reason for it, I was relieved, but then I read that you'd had an ankle injury, and went back to worrying a little. My ankle is swollen on the leg my knee was injured on. I guess the swelling went there from the knee. I am on my feet at work a lot of the day, and come home and stay off of it as much as I can. I am looking forward to when I can have a day like yours. Is your cart full of weeds, or do you have something planted in it?

    Your gardens are looking great still! Thanks for trying to make me feel better, but I don't believe you have ugly areas like I do. LOL

  21. Oh, I have some of those insects that you have in the first photo. I didn't see if anyone said what the spider was, but it looks like what I think Grace called a crab spider. She said they eat all insects, including good ones. Do you know Grace? That's also the name of her blog. She is on blotanical, too.

  22. Thank you, Terra...nice to meet you.

    Haha, Sue...didn't mean to alarm you! The wheelbarrow is loaded with weeds...I dumped at least 20 that day! That's right! I saw the same funny black/orange bug on your post! Yes, I am familiar with Grace's blog...thanks, Sue!

  23. Lynn, I'm so glad that I stopped by your blog today!

    You have me in stitches!!!

    What beautiful photos...

    Thanks for the laugh... I needed that today!
    Rest up!

  24. You made me laughed, it's good to read you.
    Your comment helped my heart. Thank you very much. France
    P.S. Take care of yourself too.


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