Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The 'Art' of gardening

So...friends, what's your garden style?
Do you plant haphazardly, with no plans of color-coordination or theme in mind? If so, we attended the same school of design!

But, when it comes to garden art, you do have to think it through...a bit. I've visited very formal gardens and have always loved big and bold statues!
But, c'mon, really, how're ya gonna fit THIS into an average backyard garden?! (Do my local NJ friends recognize this famous display?)
The most common garden art we all share is probably a water fountain of some sort. Tip: float some colorful blooms for company!
Another form of garden art I like to incorporate are statuettes. And placement is key. How about somewhere unexpected, like around a bend...
...Surprise! Love these kissin' cherubs
Of course, there are art that's whimsical or just plain silly! (Though a fun way to recycle grandma's clothes)
This here is my favorite addition to the garden. It's pleasing to the eye, inviting, AND user-friendly! A hammock...built for two! How can you go wrong?


  1. I believe we do subscribe to the same school of gardening. Try to make it all look good together, but mostly, just plant what you like and hope for the best!

  2. Oh i just plant here and there lol. This made me realize that i need to that class too. But when it comes to sheds redecoration, i am good at it.


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