Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Walk in the park...

Just when the weather was getting to be somewhat decent, WHAM! Snow and more snow predicted for this weekend...Oh the joys of the Northeast!

This pretty and plump Robin greeted me a few mornings ago. She actually listened when I politely pleaded "don't move, let me get my camera!" Don't we love that?!

Yesterday's snowfall didn't amount to much, but I knew I'd find some pretty scenes at my favorite spot.

The same dock as in the last post...just not so warm and fuzzy.

I had to trek down a hill to get this shot. Imagine how startled I was when a park ranger yelled "Excuse me, Ms. you need to get back to the main road!"! Was he worried I might slip and roll into the water...?! Didn't love that!

No picnics!

Some of my favorite finds were these sweet gum drops,

Clinton's Red Mill, and...

....a bear! Oh my!

It turned out to be a pocketful-day of sunshine and one of my happiest yet of 2010! :)
And as I pulled into the driveway, this sunset was torching the sky.

At the same time, a full moon...on the rise. Gotta love THAT!

Have a wonderful day, my FRIENDS!


  1. Hi Lynn! This new post is another one chock full of breathtaking beauty. Sure wish I had more time to appreciate each photo individually!! Thanks again. :-)

  2. Yay..what a gorgeous post! I am in love with that sweet! Wonderful and fabulous pictures..uplifting. Thanks for creating such a beautiful post! yay!

  3. Good day Lynn!
    Amazing pictures, love the mill and the moon!

  4. What a pretty walk Lynn. What a wonderful lake. Our Robins will be coming back in March. It is always good to see them return because it is an added hint of spring around here. Those Sweet Gum pods make beautiful trees. I have seen them glued to a Styrofoam cone for center pieces.

  5. Lynn, these photos are more than beautiful... they belong in a magazine or book. And your words are so much fun to read. Everything is perfect, but I was struck by the patience (and obedience, lol) of the robin! I love how much trouble you go to for all of these gorgeous photos. (And phooey to the park ranger.) xo~ Ginny

  6. What pretty scenery. Didn't that park ranger know you were trying to get some good pictures to share with all of us? :)
    That is a beautiful sunset, I love perfect endings like that to good days.

  7. That bird is real? I like that bear too... if that is real ha ha ha... Great to see someshine here. Enjoy your drives.

  8. Hi Shady, thanks for your visit! One of my favorite parks to come walking so you'll probably see alot of repeats of the same subject and angles...

    Hi Kiki! Yes, that robin is very sweet, isn't she?

    Douce France, thanks for your email the other day...don't know why it still goes to my spam file...will respond shortly! :)

  9. Thank you, Lona. I was so surprised to look out the window and see that robin! She had her eyes on those chokeberries i'm sure ;) Yes, the sweet gum tree has alot of winter interests.

    Haha, Ginny, yea, phooey balooey that ranger! He made me move my car in another parking area to plow and then had the nerve to ask me to leave! Your compliment means alot, thank you!

    Hi Catherine, great to hear from you...I've been bad about visiting but see you in a few! Perfect sunsets are the norm this time of year here and i'm loving that it stays lighter an hour later than a month ago..yippee!

  10. Steph, that is one chubby robin, eh? She does look artificial! There were two on the bush and I got so excited my hands were shaking too much for a clear! And the bear carving guards a fruit orchard in town...glad you liked him ;)

  11. That was a wonderful day, Lynn! LOL at the ranger, I guess he doesn't know to what lengths garden photographers will go to get the perfect shot! Risk of life and limb! The images are wonderful, from the robin to the moon. I enjoyed following you around, let's do it again! When the snow melts some though. :-)

  12. Wonderful pics.- but really a robin? Gosh I am jealous. I don't think I will see one here for another 6-8 weeks.

  13. Well
    You know I thought that moon was just gorgeous!
    and Clinton's Red Mill

    Peace~ Rene

  14. Such a pretty day in the park, and I love the sweet gum balls covered in snow and the pretty red mill.

  15. Hi Lynn,
    I was surprised to see a robin in the snow. We won't see any until March. Well, I guess it does still snow here in March.

    You sure got some lovely shots of the beauty of nature dressed in snow! I'm glad you got to take a photo before having to get back to the road. LOL I actually read your post earlier today, and it inspired me to go out to take some photos from the yard, as we have had several more inches of snow, too, and are expecting more Sunday. I am so ready for March to get here!

    I had to laugh at your second comment on my kitchen post. I hadn't noticed the misspelling.

  16. Lynn, you are just wonderful. What mindblowing scenes you have added! I like thm all especially the gum drops. So keep on smiling and sharing smiles. Have a nice day :)

  17. Haha, Frances! Yes, we would go to such lengths for photo opps!

    Hi Pam, yes, a big surprise for me too to see that robin! Thanks for stopping by.

    Rene, aka Mistress of the Moon, I just knew you would! :)

  18. Thank you, sweet Ms. Robin!

    So, time I won't point out my typos! Glad to be of inspiration...where are your pics?!

    Saif! Thank you so much...your compliment is lovely! I need to visit Pakistan :)

  19. Hi Lynn,
    My pics didn't turn out so pretty, so I scheduled a post of my squirrels to come up for Camera Critters this morning, and hope to get out today to get some better ones of the snow.

  20. but how is it that your birds not only stay still, but actually pose for you?! Did you get dumped on? We got about 30 inches or so!

  21. Hi Sue, I always enjoy your Critter posts ;)

    Thanks again, Ginny! See you soon!

    Wendy, I guess she wasn't scared as I was behind windows but I WAS amazed she stayed long enough for my return ;) I heard you got some major! Only 6" here...very strange!

  22. I'm glad you trekked down that hill, every photo was worth the effort;-) When you wrote this post it must have been Friday...or Thurs...and the 'biggest' amount hadn't yet hit. I bet it has now! I'm sure you'll have more to post about it! We're all snowed in here, under at least 2 feet. I got out and got some photos. Still working on a post. Take care;-)

  23. I enjoyed the walk too. All the pictures are lovely. When will I see such a beautiful sunset and the special moon again?

  24. Lynn, beautiful photos and what fun to take a walk in the snow.

  25. Thanks for a beautiful, cheerful Feb. post. I love the moon shot.

  26. Beatiful photos, but still very cold. Come to mine and feel a litle bit warmer, to ease some glutty feeling, haha. I love the robin the most and the artistic sweet gum drops.

  27. Love your park !!
    So nice to have a lake...wonder if they stock it with fish durning the summer.
    Does it ever freeze for ice skating ?
    We had a lake near my home growing up where all the kids went ice skating.Good old days :)


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