Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Sunshine Day....

Who remembers this Brady Bunch episode?
One of my favs...major crush on that Greg!

A beautiful sunrise captured last week at a nearby reservoir...

The stillness of the water was kind of noise :)

I know this family will have a Sunshiney Day!

Don't hate me if this song stays with you all just give in and sing along!


  1. Lovely photos! Terrific lighting and atmosphere..these are truly stellar! And hey..gotta love the tune!!

  2. Hey, I can't hear anything when I click on the playlist. Maybe it's something wrong with my computer or I didn't update some software. Yes! The Brady Bunch is my fave TV show too. I learnt some of my morals from this show. I like the whole family, including the nanny/housekeeper? Your photos are beautiful and touchy-touchy.

  3. Thanks, Kiki!

    Autumn Belle~sometimes the playlist doesn't work..try again. Wait, you learned morals from the show? LOL, remember those bell-bottoms? It's coming back! Alice was the cool housekeeper ;)

  4. I think I remember just about every episode of the Brady Bunch, Lynn! And Alice the housekeeper was from my home town of good ol' Erie, PA, just a few blocks from my house. But enough about them! Your photos, as always, are exquisite, and so peaceful. Sunrises, sunsets... can't beat their beauty. xo~

  5. Hey, how cool is that that Alice was a neighbor! Always so sweet your comments, Ginny, thank you! Btw, glad i'm making ya laugh on FB! :)

  6. Lovley! I think I have said it before but it is so nice to see some landscape not burried in snow. Being a little kid in the 1970's I certainly remember The Brady Bunch. Thanks for the smile today.

  7. Lynn, such compelling photos makes you want to linger. Diana

  8. Beautiful photos Lynn. I don't remember the song. I watched Brady bunch but I was a bit older when my daughter and I would see it.

  9. Hi Lynn, what a delightful thought, the deafening silence. That duck family is so sweet.
    ps I can't think about the Brady Bunch without thinking of the Weird Al Yankovich song. HA

  10. So beautiful Lynn...and the water looks like glass on that dock picture.


    And I loved me some Peter Brady :)

    Peace ~ Rene

  11. Hey Pam, you have a lovely smile! :) How is adorable Caelun?!

    Diana, yes, linger I did! Such a beautiful spot!

    Hi Linda! We still watch reruns when it's on...classic show! thanks for your visit!

    Frances...Weird Al..LOL! whatever happened to him? Your pics/posts have been wonderful, as usual!

    Rene, you Cougar, you! Greg was my older, groovier crush! And to know he had a thing for Carol...hmph! Thanks for stopping by ;)

  12. love the song. it'll surely get stuck but that will be ok. :) Love that second pic. How do you manage to snap these beautiful serene scenes?

  13. Can't beat sunrises,
    and sunsets over calm waters.

    Beautiful photos!

  14. Beautiful sceneries Lynn :-D I like the second photo most. Glad you had some sunshine after all the cold winter days.

  15. Thanks, Wendy! Guess I'm just lucky being at the right place at the right time :)

    So right, Mary Jane! Thanks for your visit!

    Hi Stephanie! our temps are getting warmer, too, so spring is just around the corner!

  16. I had crush on Shawn cassidy and Greg!
    I haven't heard this song in YEARS! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos....truly peaceful. And yes, it will be stuck in my brain all day. :)

  17. Rosey, don't say I didn't warn ya! :) OMG...Shawn!!

  18. Hi Lynn~~ Although I was a faithful BB follower, I can't remember the song. I think it's because David Cassidy rudely occupied all of my nascent brain matter at that time. :) Breathtaking photos!

  19. Hey Grace! Rudely?! David actually looks great to this day! Partridge Family...another wonderful show!

  20. Lynn, I had a crush on the guy from the Partridge family. Do you suppose I am really dating myself this morning:)

    Yeah for the sunshine. It looks spectacular on the water. Get ready for some snow though:(

  21. I cannot believe how beautiful your photographs are. How could you do anything besides sit and enjoy the scene?? Thank you for sharing! :-)

  22. Tina, the snow did come...not too bad, though another nor'easter predicted for this saturday..argh!

    Thank you so much, Shady!

  23. Wow, Lynn, you sure are having outdoor fun, even when it's not garden season. I don't seem to find the time to got out to parks like we used to. I keep thinking I'd like to. Well, as our grandson gets older, we'll probably take him to places like that. In the mean time, thanks for sharing the experiences with us. I love the photo with the ducks!


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