Friday, January 15, 2010

A Beautiful Winters Day...

Waking up with flurries somehow makes my heart a little heavy, but, luckily, no accumulations lately and sun-shiny skies arrive by noon. The frigid temps, on the other hand, we can do without!

These cuties were chirping away early one morning...I'm not a birder so ID help, pretty please?

A nearby pond alive with Canadian Geese! And boy were they noisy! You just know I'm sneaking on private property, don't you?! As soon as they heard movement in the they took!

Driving home a few days ago...I literally followed this sunset! Can you blame me? It was beautiful!

What's blooming in my garden right now? Nada! But these freeze-dried peppers still have color!

As do these beauty berries...

And even though I woke up with that icky feeling of coming down with something, accompanied by sniffles and body aches, I already feel better knowing we'll have a 'heat-wave' of 50 degrees today! !YAY! Let's go to the beach! No takers? Well, at least bop those shoulders and boogie down with me to Mr. Blue Sky! ;)


  1. Good day Lynn,
    Go have a nice glass of orange or fruit juice, relax for the day, you will feel better.
    Nice pictures like always. Take care.

  2. What beautiful winter time scenes!! I like how you've left the peppers on for winter interest. I should do that next year rather than rushing to cut everything down.

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well - it's a good time to just snuggle down and read some plant catalogs right? Learn some botanical names, things like that... or at least just zone out and watch TV!

  3. Do feel better! Beautiful photos here.

  4. Take it easy, Lynn. I hope your health improves and you can get some well needed rest.
    Your photos are gorgeous , as always. I think everyone needs a zone out time.

  5. What beautiful shots of the pink skies. Just glorious sunrises.Hey, you cannot get sick now. Feel better Lynn.

  6. What a fine collection of sky photos, and the geese lifting from the water--just wonderful. Cheered me up completely.

  7. Lynn your sunset pictures are gorgeous and I love the geese taking off. I took pics of geese the other day and also scared them but couldn't get a take off picture from the car. Your peppers still look great, nice color. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  8. Bonjour Douce France!
    Halfway through the day now and I DO feel better, thanks!

    Hi Wendy! Those peppers were left only because I never got around to harvesting! But, hey, if they give you inspiration for next year's garden..all the better ;)

    Thank you, your profile pic!

    Rosey, it's just a common head cold...nothing serious~it IS nice to just stay in pj's all day ;)

  9. Hi Jodi! So nice of you to visit and comment! And, yay! I'm glad the photos gave you a cheer :)

    Hey Linda! I took at least 10 photos for one good one of the geese taking off! They would leave and land again after 10-15 minutes! I was patient but COLD!!

  10. aww..Lynn rest up girl...hope you got that warmer weather! The weatherguessers up here were chirping about that same "heatwave" but sadly, it was a no show...and more snow is in the forecast for this weekend :(

    Peace ~ Rene

  11. Beautiful pictures, as usual! Barb

  12. Freeze dried pepper?! It's surprising for me to see that the colour is maintained even after frozen and dried.

    Love your photo as always. Sorry about the cold climate but your surroundings look nice on photo :-D

    I hope your weekend would be a little warmer.

  13. Hi Lynn, All your skies were "in the pink!" But the sunset was definitely worth following - thanks! Your geese photos are wonderful! Sorry I don't know what the "cuties" are. Hope you're feeling alright. :-)

  14. Wonderful shots, as always Lynn. I envy you the winder scene, really!

  15. Lovely color on the beauty berries and freeze dried peppers. Do take it easy and get lots of rest and fluid so you don't get sick.


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