Friday, June 19, 2009

A Very Special Day!

I can hardly believe it! I'm the proud mom of a high school graduate!! The past 18 years have felt more like 18 seconds! Though not garden related, I just have to commemorate this special occasion and where else but on my blog! So, dear friends, please indulge me as I show off my oldest Darling Daughter with this tribute!

Dear Amanda,

It was fun going through our albums trying to figure out which photos to share. There were hundreds....(first child syndrome-your poor sister!)...and, strangely enough, most of the photos' backgrounds are of flowers...Hmmm, no surprise there!

Our Announcement photo! A few days old and under 6 lbs., you were like a baby doll! Your parents were in AWE of your every little movement and expression. Your teeny mouth would form this huge "O" every time you were was the cutest thing ever!!

Your bedtime stories were often gardening books...and look how they knocked you out...haha!

Here we are enjoying the sunshine and planting flowers. You remember this day, don't you?

Teehehe...I'll never forget this Mother's Day! You wanted to pick me a flower from the garden.... but look what I got instead! And here, you wanting to be 'just like mom' and wear flowers in your hair...which I still do to this day.

Little Lady Liberty...with your hollyhock torch!

Always ready with a smile when I pulled out my camera...

Not only are you an amazing daughter, but you are a wonderful big sister, too! Getting all junior high!
Remember the times I'd let you play 'hookie' and accompany me to flower shows? Hoping my love of plants would rub off, but I think you were just thrilled to be missing

One of my favorite photos of you!! Don't look at the weeds, please!

As your senior year came to an end, I watched as your excitement build for Prom and Graduation. Feeling a heavy heart and knowing these two major events would lead to such finality, I also couldn't help but beam with pride at the young woman you've become.

Even a rainy day for Prom did not dampen your bright smile and spirit...

Like all proud mothers, my eyes welled up with tears of joy on this special day! Congratulations, Amanda!

The excitement you show here, being accepted to this beautiful college of your choice, is what all parents wish for. So, as you embark on your next big journey, Darling Daughter, all the love in my heart will travel with you. ALWAYS!!


  1. Congratulations Lynn! It is certainly a milestone and a memorable event! You did a gorgeous job on the posting of the photos. My daughter graduated in 2007. Just finished her sophomore yr. of college. Where does time fly to?

  2. Lynn, Amanda is indeed fit to be loved! What a bright girl too. Btw, I think you should write a book on your garden chronicles like you did here on Amanda. You are a graduate yourself... in gardening and being a mother! Congratulations!!

  3. Oh Lynn, you are about to make me cry! I am following your path my friend, my girls are 7 and 9.... Congrats, they both are lovely.

  4. Lynn what a beautiful family you have. Give my congratulations to your graduate! What a great post and tribute you have written here to always have. I loved it and even got teary eyed! Dang I cry at everything but especially something this beautiful and you being the wonderful proud mother that you are. Thanks so much for sharing this moment in your lives.

  5. What a very special tribute. You have a beautiful family and congratulations to the grad!!

  6. What a beautiful tribute! Congratulations to your daughter. How lovely to have a blog post like this as a celebration of graduation! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Jan, I'll be sure to ask you for some pointers when I need it! Hopefully, you are not too far away to see your daughter on holidays. Amanda will be 2 hrs. away so it's very drivable. Thank you for your sweet words!

    Stephanie, you're too sweet! In a million years, I could never be good enough to write a book...blogging is my limit..LOL! But thank you for thinking so!!

    Brooke, yep, they grow up fast! My youngest is 14 so I will have 4 more years before her big day! I remember the tea birthday parties we used to have..just like you're having now...enjoy them!

  8. Congratulations, Lynn, on your achievements of bringing up such beautiful daughters. I can totally share how you feel seeing them grow and bloom large!
    Our daughters are all married now but I still remember how we felt the days they graduated and won their places in college! Awesome moments of pride and joy!
    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of Amanda.

  9. Thank you, Linda! I appreciate your wonderful words and sentiments. I cry at commercials and movies (which my family makes fun of!) so imagine how this milestone was for

    Hi Tina, thanks for the congrats! With no school and working only part-time, my graduate is sleeping the day away...she deserves it so I'll let her..for a few more!

  10. Lynn- what a momentous occasion to have in your life. Your daughters are absolutely beautiful, both of them! Congrats on the college of her choice too. That is what I dream for my daughter in few more years!

  11. Very beatifully composed Lynn..Congrats to your daughter and you for reaching this milestone of life.

  12. Thank you so much, Phoenix!

    Hà Xuân, I congratulate you also! You have 2 daughters then? I've asked mine to promise not to move too far away as they settle down after Thank you for your kind words :)

    Hi Heather, hopefully, Amanda will really take to her college as alot of kids do change their majors and transfer..fingers crossed here!

    Ajearao, thank you, I appreciate your congrats very much!

  13. Ooo, my my my!

    it is so evident
    that you plant and nurture children
    the same way you do in your gardens!

    what a beautiful, beautiful family, Lynn!

    and your photographs... perfect!
    what a lovely chronicle of a young life taking root!

    you have seen the beauty of the world
    and made a miniature replica...
    just, just stunning, Lynn!

    thank you so much for inviting us in.
    bravo to you and your entire family!

    peace & blessings~

  14. Lynn,
    Thanks for sharing your life journey, you did such a great job raising your daughters and nurturing the garden. Congratulations! What a lovely memory! You set a great example and high standard for every mom/ gardener!

  15. What a beautiful post!
    My daughter graduated from Jr. College this year. It was a very hard road for her and she made it through with flying colors! We were so proud of all she had to endure to make it to that point!! I can understand how proud you are!

  16. Chuck, so kind of you to say...I AM BLESSED :)

    Thank you, Vuejardin, I really appreciate your congrats.

    Hi CiNdEe, so congratulations also to you! And you have one daughter married...where does the time go!

  17. Your daughter is quite beautiful! Congratulations to all of you. Your little supermarket rose is quite beautiful, as are mine. I have three of them, all charming and full of blooms. I contacted the company to find out what varieties they sell, and I think I may have an ID now. Wasn't that nice of them to send that info?

  18. awwwww. Congratulations to Amanda! I am a high school counselor and just "graduated" my first class of seniors. I swear I was crying right along with the mothers, just as I could have been reading this post (except I worked very hard not to!). Both your girls are beautiful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE and laughed out loud at the picture of her as a toddler "picking" you a flower, bulb and all! :) so sweet...


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