Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blue Skies at Last!

Can't tell you how happy I am to finally see sunshine! It's been dark and wet for the past 4 days! A few pots have succumbed to root rot and flowers came and went without me even noticing them! Many photos taken of blooms with raindrops but I'll save those for another day...Here are the bright and sunny ones!
Bishop's Weed, Snow on the Mountain, Gout Weed (Aegopodium podagraria variegata).
This groundcover, by any name, is pretty (Queen Ann's Lace-like blooms) but be warned! Very invasive!

A cool looking visitor on this butterfly weed
'Loraine Sunshine' False sunflower
'Siloam Double Classic'...more like a semi-double on this first bloom. First bloom of 'Pure and Simple'

How's this for an attention grabber!
I love this miniature rose with her many layers of petals and sweet fragrance. Purchased from the supermarket...I'm happy to see her return every year.
The rain did wonders for these Asiatic lilies. After this photo was taken, they were completely devoured by you know who!
And speaking of the devil.....I was 6 ft. away and she didn't even budge! Wait! Is that a smirk?!!
Though many of you may be wishing for rain, I'm hoping we'll get a break! At least for a few days so this gardener can go on a weed attack!


  1. Looks like the rain brought you many lovelies. And yes, it does look like a smirk:)

  2. And certainly the look says "I didn't do anything." - Dave

  3. You always have such pretty flowers! I love that false sunflower! I think that deer is smirking :)

  4. Haha..thought so!! Thanks, Tina :)

    Dave, yes, they are brazen! Thanks for your link, I'm heading over for a visit.

    Catherine, I feel the same about your posts :) Maybe it's because we have alot of the same The false sunflower is beautiful if just for the foliage. It's about 2ft. tall and a little leggy so I will have to trim it down after the blooms fade. Lucky you don't have the deer problem!

  5. Everything looks so pretty hun. I think that rose might be "Lavander Lace", it looks just like one I have.

  6. Your flowers are so beautiful! The rain we got here was not nearly enough. I will take some of yours!!
    Your "Dear" Friend looks very happy with her full tummy(-: She might enjoy some sliced apples and some Cheerios to go with her lilies!(-:

  7. That false sunflower and leaves are so wonderful. What a beautiful plant! Ha ha that little 'devil' look so at home on your lawn. Hmm... she even thinks that you disturbed her ;-)

  8. Lynn, I like all your blooms and even a beetle, but can not say the same about the last creature!It might be a cousin of the guy who ate my roses'tops!

  9. I didn't realize how bold deer could be! I would be very sad to lose the flower so soon after they bloomed (I'm STILL waiting for our lilies to open). I enjoyed seeing your colorful photos today. It's almost too hot here to go out and look for my own :)

  10. The nerve of those critters today.

    Eww, is that a magenta dahlia? It is gorgeous. I really like the variegated leaves on the false sunflower,very pretty.

    I have come to the conclusion after watching all of these beautiful garden blogs that I want one of every kind of flower. That is scary :-)

  11. Thanks, Brooke, for giving my rose her rightful name! Hope you're feeling all better!

    CiNdEe, I was amazed reading about your pet deer liking apples and Cheerios! If I'd developed a loving bond with one, I would feel different, but they are such nuisance to me!!

    You're right, Stephanie! That dang deer was annoyed at ME!

  12. Thats hilarious! LMAO! she does look like shes smirking! I think thats a good excuse for some deer jerky! : )

  13. Ooo, my...
    first, the angles you achieve
    are just phenomenal, Lynn!

    and the bounty! the quantity of richness - incredible!

    but the deer... wow. just poetic.
    leave it to you to win the trust and respect
    of one of Nature's most beautiful!

    amazing work, Lynn - thank you!

  14. Hi Tatyana,sorry about your know I feel for you!

    Thank you, Rebecca. Please show us your lilies when they bloom...and hope the weather cools a bit for you, too!

    Lona, I'm glad to hear from you! I've tried logging onto your blog for a few days and all I get is your header photo and a blank screen..wonder if anyone else is having trouble? Maybe it's just on my end. You are not alone with that wish list...I add to mine almost daily after reading a post! Dahlias are easy to grow..go get yourself a magenta one :)

    Haha, Jessica...I didn't of it that way!

    Hi Chuck, you sure know how to make my head! This mama deer has been sticking around because her two fawns are camping out under one of our trees so she's being very protective. Me creeping up with a camera in hand is not threatening to her I guess...thanks for visiting!

  15. Thanks for the identification of baby's breath! I thought it looked like that but couldn't remember ever planting it there. (And for some reason the leaves didn't look like what I expected.) I have to do better at labeling my plants. My mind just doesn't remember from year to year without consistent reinforcement! Yipee!!! A few of my lilies were open this morning. (I have NO idea of their official names...)


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