Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Tiniest Star!

Nothing is compared to the least for me...of the first daylily bloom! Aptly named 'Eenie Weenie', she is only 10" tall and bloom measures under 2"! A very bright shade of yellow with paler midribs and re-curved petals. Other than Stella d'Oros, Eenie Weenie is the FIRST daylily to bloom in my garden! Other daylilies are weeks away from color so I'll enjoy this one even more. I'm sorry to say this picture does not do justice..she is totally sweet and cheerful in person! As the show of peonies fade, and bearded irises cut back, these new flush of blooms are taking over the garden.
Feverfew with Rose Campions Visions of pink/purple blooms now change to a sea of yellow...primroses! Everywhere! Summer has officially begun!

Bizzy little worker... Next flower...
Variegated Loosestrife
'Purpleicious' veronica...
...with Coral Bells
This 'Arctic Queen' clematis bloom is huge!

First asiatic lily to bloom
After a night of torrential downpour, with thunder rocking the house, the sun is finally peeking out, but I am NOT heading out for yard work! Nuh-Uh! A trip to the airport at 4 am has put yours truly in serious need of a nap!


  1. I think blogger blocked me so I'll try this again. Gorgeous hot colored blooms! No daisies here yet, just the promise of tons with all the buds forming. :)

  2. Love the variegated loosestrife.

    We've had thunder too today, and torrential rain - I put a large hat on and decided to garden anyway!!

  3. Racquel, my internet keeps going in and out so you're not alone with pc woes. Thanks for trying again! Can't wait to see your daisies ;)

    Hi Phoenix C. The loosestrife doubled in size this year so I will have to be mindful of it spreading but I love the variegation too! Haha, I'm picturing you working in your hat and hoping you didn't drown!

  4. Awesome flowers! Not sure which photo I like best but that rose campion and feverfew is a super terrific combination. Get some rest-there's tomorrow for the garden.

  5. The bizzy worker's picture is beautiful! I like those yellow flowers next Bandit. They look so cheery ;-) Enjoy your summer!

  6. Your garden is popping with color! Beautiful!

  7. Hi Tina, the feverfew and rose campions re-seed everywhere and these just happened to grow in between each other for a pretty combo. I had one of those days where I was tired but couldn't sleep and not enough stamina to do any're right, there's always tomorrow!

    Thanks Stephanie. Those cheery yellow flowers are the primroses or sundrops. I leave them to bloom and then pull them out by handfuls since they spread like mad.

    Thank you Catherine! Your blooming roses are beautiful too!

  8. Beautiful...Wats that lavender/voilet colored flower. last but one pic....And wat manure do you use? Organic?

  9. Wow what a great post. You take absolutely stunning pictures. Love the bee on the gallardia especially. Very beautiful.

  10. Ajeya, the second to last photo is of the perennial vine called clematis. The pinker of the two is probably 'Nelly Moser' but I'm not sure what the blue/purple one is called. I don't use manure but do twice-monthly watering with Miracle-Grow...a granular fertilizer.

    Thanks, Debbie! I know your garden is lush too with all the rain you've had in Texas!

  11. What gorgeous flowers and pictures -- I think I love the top one of Eenie Weenie the best with its striking colors. Very nice photos of that busy bee!

  12. Just beautiful Lynn! Eenie Weenie is very cute. And feverfew. . . while I don't have it in this garden (I should remedy that,) it is a sentimental favorite of mine, grown by long-ago gardening mentors I remember with great fondness. When I think of feverfew, I think of them.

    Everything is looking gorgeous in your garden. You've got some really lovely combinations!

  13. Very beautiful shots of the flower. You have a amazing variety in your garden.

  14. Meredith, thanks! It's amazing watching these bees and see how they load up the pollen!

    Linda, a friend gave me 3 feverfew seedlings last year and this year I counted 12 new plants! They are sweet and airy looking and compliment everything they grow go get a pack of's not too late!

    Thank you, Rajesh :)

  15. Wish I had all your blooms...guess it's too early here. Now your reminding me to get outside before it rains again. Love all your pics !

  16. Oh! Wow!

    you are incredible
    in your landscape design and
    in your photography!

    i'm going ga-ga in all aspects!


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