Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On With the Show

My pots are done...YAY! All the annuals purchased last week filled out 5 large containers and a few small ones. This is the planter I have between the garage doors. The tall light green plant is actually a perennial privet from last year's planting. The other 'unusual' flower is the red draping amaranthus called "Love Lies Bleeding"..the rest I'm sure you all recognize. And, as you can see, I CRAM for instant effect! I'll share the other containers in another post...on with what's blooming in the garden...

An agastache...I'm just not sure what kind...anyone? At 4 ft. tall, she's hard to miss though.
Gosh, I don't remember planting this ansonia but HERE she is...blending happily with the purple salvia.

A perfect white poppy...well, just shy by a few hours! Too bad the blooms don't last long.
This is my newly planted tri-colored beech. Not a common stocked item so I'm thrilled to have found her. It's fairly small at 5 ft. and sparsely branched, but isn't the foliage beautiful? I paid a whopping $99 for her, and hopefully, she'll thrive in her new home.
This kousa dogwood has an unusual shade of peachy/pink blooms.

A wonderful (and no fuss) perennial for the front border is the hardy geranium. Extended bloom period (4+ wks ), easy to propagate, spreads quickly...what's not to love? Oh, and deer resistant, too!

Look how wide this clump is. Ha, Bandit...always sneaking into my pictures...
Roses are putting on a great show but look closely and you can see the damage being done by aphids...even this easy care Knock Out.

This is the view as I'm standing on the deck steps, looking into the garden. This pink rose is pretty but no fragrance whatsover...ZILCH...NADA...
Colors displayed here and there, but what you see is mostly still green. In a few days, however, this bed will be a sea of yellow as sun drops are ready to burst...unless the rain returns...Ugh!


  1. Great post! I LOVE the magnolia that is just beautiful! and your flower container is Great!

  2. Love, love, how you cram your containers!! Martha Stewart does it that way. LOL. all of your blooms are gorgeous!

  3. So lovely! Good job. I'm very, very close to being finished in my garden -- well other than the sitting and enjoying it and the occasional weed pulling stint!

  4. Great job with the container! I can't wait to see the other ones. I haven't planted my summer containers yet because the pansies I have in the containers are doing so well I hate to pull them up. I'll probably move them out soon and put them in the garden in a shady area so I can use the containers for something else. -Jackie

  5. That kousa is special. Any idea what cultivar?

  6. Thanks, Jessica! I guess you meant the dogwood (not magnolia) that's in this post.

    Hi Darla, I am usually a very patient person...but not when it comes to pots..I need instant gratification..haha!

    Sandy...hmmm, sitting and enjoying the garden...what's that?! I really DO make this resolution every year but, so far, I've failed since all this rain we've had have produced gigantic weeds!

    I know what you mean, Jackie. I hated to pull up my pansies but I HAD to sacrifice them for something strong!!

    Hi Tina, I'm not 100% sure what this kousa cultivar is but I do remember that the two I purchased came from the Rutgers University (NJ) program. I googled it and the other kousa I have is called "Stellar Pink"...this one just happen to look peachy...maybe it's my soil??

  7. Beautiful flowers Lynn. Love your pot crammed full. Did I hear somewhere that the deer ate some of your Lilies? I'm so sorry to hear that. And about that hardy Geranium - did they tell you it's deer resistant? And it could very well be but they ate both of mine - not only the blooms but every leaf! Could be it's one they don't like and I sincerly hope so.

  8. I like the tri-coloured beech... finally you got it. Beautiful foliage! I also like the kousa dogwood flowers. They look very pretty ;-)

  9. Hey thanks for your comments,
    loved your garden, your pics are just amazing.

    I am from Himachal Pradesh, up in the north. Its nice you still remember INDIA,

    Well about Knitting and Crocheting i am still learning got few projects started, will post soon about them

    Its nice to meet you



  10. Your container is stunning, Lynn. I can see now what I need to do for instant effect: CRAM!
    Can't wait to see the others.

  11. Beautiful gardens. I finally finished my pots, too. Some are a mix like yours while others are simple just a lot of one plant. Makes a big bang of color in the garden -- a container of one plant!

  12. That Stellars Pink is really neat!

  13. I can't wait to see the other containers!!! will you join fertilizer friday and show us???? either way...I'll be by to check them out!

  14. Linda, it is strange that the deer will eat something here and not there. They haven't touched my hardy geraniums...yet! I was surprised they ate the spiderworts and, yes, they got most of my asiatic lilies..buggers!! What's left I'm spraying like crazy! Doesn't help that it's rain daily so I'm spending too much $$ on sprays! Hope your geraniums rebloom soon!

    Thanks, Stephanie! The beech is pretty but it's hardly a tree I'll include a full shot next time.

    Hà Xuân, the pots look good now but soon it'll be too crowded then I have to thin them!

    Hi Martha, my favorite one-plant theme is just a big pot of red geraniums...such an eye-catcher! Of course the trick is to dead-head them so they ALWAYS look good!

    Thanks again, Tina!

    Hi Tootsie, I haven't taken photos of the other containers's been raining every day here! Promise I'll show them soon and also to hook up with Fertilizer Friday when I have a tad more time...busy with senior graduation this week!

  15. Looks beautiful Lynn! I love that container. I'm with you on stuffing 'em.

    Your garden looks fantastic - love the new beech and the dogwood - very pretty!

  16. The gardens are breathtaking. Family owned too, hard to believe!
    Thanks for sharing those pictures


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