Thursday, February 17, 2011

Frosty The Garden

I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say "ENOUGH already!" As peaceful and pretty as fresh fallen snow can be, I am really, really over it! The view out my window is still mostly of a white landscape, but, by weekend's end, I will see the soggy lawn...YAY!

Record breaking temps made for some interesting photo ops...

Crape myrtle branch...

I'm very happy this glass ornament has not cracked...yet!

Two weeks ago, I woke to the sound of chirping! This little fella somehow snuck in and made himself at home. His flight pattern went from ceiling fan to this potted flower to my quilt! Every window and door held open for his escape went unnoticed. It took two hours to finally shoo him out! Strangely enough, this happened not once, but three times that week...weird or a sign of luck?

The only sign of life are blooms being forced indoors. Paperwhites potted up at 3 week intervals throughout the winter months keep the blues at bay. The last dozen opened just in time for Valentine's Day but are quickly fading. Don't forget to slice off the root end to keep the stems from getting too leggy...a trick I learned over the years. I love their cheerful faces but the scent can be overpowering and headache inducing...

Hope you all survived the winter blahs and are as anxious for Spring as I am!
A field trip to the NJ Flower Show planned for this weekend...I am beyond excited!!!


  1. That first photo is absolutely incredible. As much as I hate to admit it, this nasty weather does lend itself to some pretty cool photo ops. But enough already, bring on the 60's tomorrow here in NJ.

  2. It was gor-ge-ous in the 'Shire today! Everything is melting all at once though and it's wicked muddy.
    We had a bird stuck in the family room last year, we were able to shoo it into the garage but it hung out there for the better part of the day.
    Cute little thing.
    Have fun at the flower show, wish I could be there :(


  3. Love the wreath photo. I'm sure people will hunt me down and cause me bodily injury if I mention how much I regret not getting any ice in Seattle this year for fabulous ice photos. BTW, I vote for the bird being a good omen.

  4. Thank you, ONG and nice to meet you!

    Ah, I know, Rene! Maybe you can come down for the Philly show? Happy early BD!

    Yes, Kelly, they may...always next year! A lucky omen, until I found birdsh*t on a few!

  5. Oh Miss Lynn I am sending you sunshine hugs this morning. Hope spring makes it to you soon.. I know you are over the cold butI sure am enjoying all of your pictures.. hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  6. Ah yes! Come spring! For today, we have mild temps and ice is thawing. But winter is not through with us yet.

  7. I love those photos of the ice-encrusted foliage! They look like ornate metalwork.

    We've been very spring-like here - glorious - but snow is forecast for this weekend. Hope it doesn't last - I've changed to my spring wellies now!!

  8. Hi Cherry! Could really use those warm hugs today! Man, it's blustery out! Hope you are doing great in Savannah!

    Sandy! Thought of you recently while helping a good friend prepare hosting duties of a foreign high school student! Thanks for popping by ;)

    Thanks, Ingrid! I loved how every little surface of a leaf, twig, spent bloom was encased in ice...and i'm sure some plants are damaged beyond survival, but it did make some pretty photos. Hope your forecast for snow is a mild one!

  9. Wow Lynn, looks like you've got the white stuff too- along with some hefty ice! I love the shots of seed heads encased in ice- really something. Thanks for stopping by- glad you like my header, the images change on page refresh, so it gives me lots of options!

  10. Hi Lynn,
    How have you been? I am having more trouble waiting for spring than usual this year. Your photos make me shiver. I think the 3rd one is my favorite of the outdoor ones. That bird sure looked relaxed, like it was happy to be inside your house. Your indoor blooms sure are pretty.

    We've had some nice days, followed by cold temps. We could get a couple inches of snow tomorrow. I'm zone 5b. What garden zone are you in?

  11. Whoa! we had some harsh winters here in India as well.... but we get no snow here in the north plains. Its great to see so much of snow. Lovely pictures!


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