Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Springtime In Paris...

It's been three long weeks since my visit to the Philadelphia Flower Show and I finally have a free hour to share a few of my favorite photos. Yes, theme was 'Springtime In Paris', and Ooh-la-la...was it ever! One of the best years in displays. I're laughing because I say that every year!

The variety of tulips were spectacular! These bright reds were my favorite!

What else says Paris more than the Eiffel Tower...

...and tulips

A pretty poppy

These asiatic lilies really caught my eye...

Love-love-love(!) the rich, chocolatey contrast.

Not a amaryllis. But you knew that!

What about these lilies? Gaudy or gorgeous?

A little bit of both, I think...

More Show pictures to share, but, my hour is up so gotta run.

Packing a carry-on for a quick 4-day get-a-way to in Spain! And, according to my Bible, "1001 Gardens You Must See Before You Die", there are over 40 gardens to tour and 7 of them right in the heart of Barcelona! How will I get to them all?!

Have a great weekend and see y'all when I get back.
Springtime In I come!


  1. Lucky you!
    Have fun and enjoy!
    Beautiful pictures,

  2. I have never seen a chocolate color on a bloom like that...gorgeous...have fun and be safe!

  3. I would have loved to see this show. The pictures are gorgeous.It was a wonderful theme and I wish ours had been so good.

  4. Fantastic photos! I was at the show as well and looooved it. I never saw that chocolate lily and wow is it phenomenal. Thanks for posting.

  5. I love all those photos - what a beautiful display! Love the giraffe lilies best!

    Lucky you going to Barcelona - hope you have a lovely visit and look forward to hearing about it!

  6. I missed the flower show so I'm happy to see these photos! Have a great time in Barcelona - I loved it there - the architecture is amazing.


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