Friday, January 13, 2012

Meet Chantilly Lace!

This post has been 2+ months in the making...
I draft a copy every other week, only to have downloading issues, and always give up! Today, Friday the 13th, is my lucky day!

You, my regular visitors, knew of my beloved Bandit, whom I lost in November, 2010.
Just shy of the 1-yr. anniversary of his passing, Hubba Hubba surprised me with a puppy! Another Coton de Tulear...this time, a girl!

Meet Chantilly Lace! We call her Tilly.
She arrived in my arms October 19th, at 12 weeks old.

Five fluffy pounds of pure joy!

Enjoying her first romp in our freaky early snowstorm, October 30th.

And learning early to always smile for Mommy's camera.

When she escaped from the playpen, this is what I came home to.
An expensive collection of chew toys! But who can stay mad at that face?

Waking up every morning to her deer alarm has been fun...yeah!

Another favorite past time~chasing the cats!
Except when they're out of reach.

But don't worry, Lacey lets her know when she's had enough...bap, bap!

Happy Five-month Birthday. I think it's time for that first haircut!

Aah...that's better!

Hope you enjoyed meeting Tilly!
Hard to imagine a time without her now, but, that's the gift of a pet...they give us love unconditionally, forever and always.


  1. HI Lynn!! Oh, she is just adorable. What a sweet ball of fur. They are so much company and fun, well except maybe the shoes. LOL! Have fun with the new addition to the family.

  2. She's gorgeous. I've been thinking about getting a little dog and Chantilly may just be the thing that seals the decision. And I love how she keeps the deer in check.

  3. Wow, he is really a cutie! Hey, be sure to update your bookmarks and feeds, as my old blog was deleted due to fraud. Find my new one here, and thanks!

  4. What a sweetheart! Our newest pup is 6 months old.

  5. so sweet..., with equally sweet cat as friend.

  6. Hi Welsome back. Good to read from you


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