Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is it Fall....?!

Waking up with that nip in the air this morning sure felt like it!  Covering my petunias and tender annuals was a very smart move.
But, really, it IS only mid May.  I think we've been spoiled with the nice run of
warm temps and rain these past few weeks...
so life in the garden progressed that much sooner this year.  At least for me, here in central New Jersey.

Here I am at Longwood Gardens in mid April, and bulbs are already at peak bloom!

Being at the ready-set-go bell allowed me shots of a crowd-free landscape.
Of course I had to scramble here and there with a quick snap, snap, snap.

Breathtaking!  A whole grove of massive cherry trees!

I didn't mind that this couple beat me to this garden...
they sure added a touch of romance to this scene.
This image is kinda cool...
only because I used the wrong lens hood..lol!
Have you ever SEEN so many tulips in bloom?!
A feast for the senses that's for sure.
Wonder where my next excursion will take us...tune in to find out!
Thanks for stopping by, friends.


  1. Looks like a beautiful place, and yes, I have seen tulips like that. I was in Holland Michigan last week right after their tulip festival, and it was a true feast for the eyes!

  2. Glorious colours! Thank you.) Btw, I have tried planting Fritillaria here but unsuccessful ;-)

  3. Beautiful photos - and yes, the weather has been an up and down ride this Spring. Now that we're nearing June, you might think warm weather would stay... but not yet, I guess! ;-) Cool weather and rain means we can continue to plant!! lol

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  5. I never thought to see a full bloom of tulips, I thought that it only exist in dreams and movies..


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