Monday, August 3, 2015

Mystery Vine...

About a month ago, I noticed a vine starting to grow among my daylily bed.  Thinking it was probably a cucumber or squash vine, I decided to let it be.  But where had it come from?  I certainly had NOT planted it.
In a week's time, it really took off!  I paid it no further mind and off we went on a 10 day vacation.  Upon return, it had grown out of bounds and was choking out my plants!
Hubba-Hubba was not happy it was invading his lawn, as well!
I HAD to chop it back and quick!   But, hey, those weren't cukes hiding under the foliage!
My mystery vine was actually a cantaloupe!  How cool is that?!
I trimmed off the long ends (sacrificed about 10 fruits) and kept about half dozen. Let's see if they'll actually develop full size and tastes as good as they look!
I'll let you know!
Btw...any friends out there grow these melons? Should I encase the fruit with a wrapper to prevent rot?  Any advice would be appreciated!  

Gotta love surprises from Mother Nature! 

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