Thursday, January 26, 2017

Happy Belated...

...New Year!

Late last summer, as I toiled away in the garden, an idea took hold.
What began as a gentle tug and whisper grew too loud to ignore.
So, I did some research...
and, I got started...growing MORE flowers!

I have always loved creating arrangements for friends, co-workers,
or even just for my own dining room table.  
Using fresh picked flowers right from the garden made them even more special.
So why not get more resourceful and broaden that creative side of
my love of gardening?  Makes total sense, right?
Growing flowers strictly for harvesting and designing on a weekly basis
will have it's challenges, I am sure.  But I am ready to give it my all.

I hope you'll continue to visit and enjoy reading about
my new adventure as a flower farmer.
Happy Belated New Year, friends!
(All photos from a recent visit to Longwood Gardens)

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  1. I noticed an uptick in bouquets on your FB posts, so I figured there must be something in the works. Good luck!


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