Sunday, January 14, 2018

My First "I Do"....

I knew that pouring my heart and soul into flower farming would eventually
lead to customers asking if I 'do weddings' least I prayed it would! 
(DHM Photography)
Kelly and I hit it off right from the start and I couldn't have asked for anyone
sweeter and more easy going to work with.  This was going to be great!
Until she mentioned the size of the wedding party:  12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen...whoa!  Remember, this was my first wedding! 
That panic quickly left as we discussed details and budget.
She wanted simple elegance but also loved the rustic, mason jar look.
Knowing that she was putting her trust in me really boosted my confidence.
I can totally DO THIS!
What was 6 months away (when we first met) finally turned into a mere week.
The only thing left to chance was the weather...
Groom's boutonniere
Mom's pin corsage
Flowers and greens were picked up on Wednesday.
Boutonnieres and corsages made Thursday.
Friday night bouquet assembly came together without  a hitch.
Okaaay, it took many tries to get them just right!
(Thank goodness for this new walk-in cooler, to keep them fresh.)
Though the roses and hydrangeas came from a grower in CA,
it felt amazing to harvest stock,
tulips, spirea and peonies right from my fields!

As I delivered the flowers to the bridal party,
I was literally holding my breath and trying to calm my heart.
(DHM Photography)
Guess what?  Kelly absolutely LOVED her bouquet!
And, of course, the weather was perfect!
(DHM Photography)
After the ceremony, I was on standby to re-purpose the bridesmaids'
bouquets into table arrangements.
(DHM Photography)
So there you have it, friends, my first official wedding!
It felt great to reach and succeed such a milestone!
In total, I designed bouquets for 4 weddings last year
and can hardly wait to answer "I Do!",
when asked by the next engaged couple if I...


  1. Not only did you do a wedding, but you did it with panache! Gorgeous! May you have many more to come.

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