Thursday, October 2, 2008

New York Botanical Garden

Below are pictures from the New York Botanical Garden. My first visit and I was amazed the rose garden (in mid Sept.) was in full bloom! The perennial gardens and the greenhouses were beautiful as well. Plan at least 5 hours to tour the grounds if you have a chance to visit. I will definitely be back next summer when the daylilies are in bloom.

This strawberry-colored-amaranth was a new one for me!  NOTE TO SELF:  Must find seeds!  The more common purple globed amaranths remind me of my early childhood. I wore the dried stems as earrings when my ears were pierced.  Funny how certain things jog your memory...even a plant in the garden.

This vine in one of the greenhouses was cool!  And love that fountain!

One day, I will have a solarium (or greenhouse!) so I can fill it tropical blooms while sitting back watching the snow fall...HA!  A gardener can dream...right?!

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