Monday, April 19, 2010

Everything's Coming up Roses...

...Lenten Roses, that is!
Hellebores galore! This is a must have perennial if you don't already grow it. The blooms, literally, lasts for months!

I know Spring has sprung when the Star Magnolias are in bloom! Love their delicate faces and fragrance!

And, of course, can never have enough :)

No, this is NOT my yard...I wish!

Blooming forsythias are another favorite sign of Spring. Every other least in my neighborhood..grows them. Golden sunlight on a stick! But do you ever take the time to notice the cool details of a single bloom...

...up close and personal?

What else is blooming in my garden?

...and more weeds...!

I do leave the wild violets and lamium to bloom for that splash of purple, then it's history! You all know how invasive they can be!
'Til next time...enjoy a beautiful week, everyone! Happy Spring!


  1. Oh! It is so nice! There is nothing like spring!
    I had never heard of Hellebores before this year in blogland! They are missing in my garden and the Magnolia too!
    Very, very beautiful!
    Have a nice Week!

  2. Wow..what a super gorgeous post..and such a lovely inspiring tribute to Spring! Yay! I love the Lenten are beauties! The daffodial are simply magical! thanks for such an uplitfing post!
    Have a sparkly day!

  3. You are so right about the forsythia blooms - people just look at the whole bush and don't really look at the individual blossoms whivh are really nice. Great shots of the hellebores. You've brought spring to us all.

  4. Lynn, all your blooms are so pretty! Helleborus blooms are special because they last so long; I can't think about other plant with such long-lasting blooms. Your photos with a little bridge are masterpieces!

  5. I agree about the wildflowers - they can be so pretty just for a short moment in the yard then they have to go. What awesome photos. YOu have some very beautiful blooms.

  6. Thank you for your pretty photos reminding me of how I NEED some hellebores. Yesterday I planted Red Sun sunflower seeds; spring fever is here!

  7. Don't know if hellebore would do the drifts of Daffs...everything looks so pretty.

  8. Hi Lynn. Those weeds have some pretty blooms anyway. I have those pretty weeds in my yard too. Your Hellebores are so pretty. I love the colors and with the blue it really looks pretty. Wow! That is a lot of daffodils but so beautiful. That would be so nice to have in a woodland garden.

  9. I like that, sunshine on a stick! :-)-- Randy

  10. Thank you, ALL for your visits.

    France, Hellebores are fairly new to me, too! But love 'em since they are first to bloom in late winter and don't require much fuss. And pretty, too! :)

    Thank you, Kiki! Those daffodils are cut every morning and sit in a bucket by the road for sale: quarter a stem...would send you a bouquet..if i could!

    Hey, Heather Belle! Great to see you! I have probably too many forsythias but can't refuse them when they are so pretty! I keep growing new ones to trying to create a 'standard'...cutting all but one central stem...lots of pruning required since they grow so fast! Hope you Spring has arrived with gusto! ;)

  11. Thank you, Tatyana! I need to visit and catch up on your posts/pictures...soon!

    Hi Becca! You have those 'weeds' too? Violets are tough to remove as their roots are so thick but, thank goodness, the lamiums pull easily..funny I never planted them but they come back with a vengeance every year...great to hear from you!

    Hi Terra!! Your zone is warmer than mine then...I just now planted my sweet peas...sunflowers will have to wait another month.

  12. I was going to ask if those daffodils were yours! LOL Fabulous hellebores, this is my first year to grow them and I'm loving it. I have three for now.

  13. I have white violets on my side yard. It is shady and I just have bushes along the house. I keep them as lawn and that area is white now. Your garden is beautiful - I have the Hellebores and they bloom forever. Wish I had more. Love the spring and the flowers. Saw my first rose this morning. Now I am excited!

  14. Oh so pretty! The combo of the pink Hellebore and blue flowers is breathtaking!


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