Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Last Hurrah!

Anyone game for another stroll through the Philadelphia Flower Show? I did mention that I took hundreds of photos, right? Too much of a good thing, I know...but, here we go!

Love this shade of pink Andromeda

Many beautiful porch displays but this was my the sign!

For those who can grow citrus, you know what a heavenly scent these blossoms exude.

The strong color combo of these floor-als was stunning!

This statuette was quite small...I almost missed her.

I grow anemones in my garden but would love to find this particular color!

A definite highlight was this really cool display of blue-water vases, suspended on wires...such an eye-catcher!

Another highlight of the day was getting to meet my blogging friend, Ginny, and her wonderful mom, Pat! We shared many giggles at the show and a glass of wine over dinner~thanks, girls!

Sure do appreciate you stopping by! Have a wonderful Easter...get out and enjoy this beautiful weather!


  1. Just spectacular Lynn. What an amazing bunch of blooms and pictures. The anemones and roses are just beautiful. The peacock looks real! Isn't that large bloom with all of the flowers something else. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing and have a wonderful Easter Weekend.

  2. Absolutely lovely! I was a bit surprised to see the 'floorals'. That looks so much like the decorations we do in Indsia for the Onam festival!

  3. There is so much creativity here, and you captured so much so well. Thank you.

  4. Dearest Lona, thank you for your sweet comment! Hope you are doing great and gearing up for another year of great gardening! Finally, my first 'real time' spent in the yard this weekend and it was heaven! Makes you think how we survived w/o it through the! Enjoy your Easter as well! :)

    Hi Sunita, yes, that garden display represented India~all my favorite~'hot' colors! There's an elephant is in an earlier post. The design instantly brougth me back to a wedding I attended in India 20 years ago...I remember those bold and beautiful colors! Thanks for stopping by.

    So nice of you to say, thanks, Terra!

  5. Very beautiful Garden nice of you to be able to meet a blogging buddy in person.

  6. Amazing photos, Lynne!

    I am curious though, the 4th pic from the bottom,
    what are those orange & brownish flowers called?

    And what a treat to be able to meet Ginny.

    Hope you had a lovely Easter!
    Mary Jane

  7. Except for the person next to you in the last photo, these are just spectacular, Lynn. Next time we get together, you'll have to give me some photography lessons. You really do an amazing job! Thanks for the beautiful memories! XO~

  8. Ginny, what are you talking about?! You took exactly the sames pics as! Where are they, btw? :) Yes, fun memories!

    Hi Mary Jane...I'm guessing you're talking about the little ceramic mushrooms...? They were really cute!

  9. I swear we were at different shows...

    Looks like Grace Peterson left her mark there(the pink and bowling ball) :)

    I totally missed that pink is for princesses display. I just loved that suspended glass thingy.

  10. Yea..Wendy, funny how our eyes captured different scenes..I thought the same of your photos :)

    Suspended glass thingy was cool! Simple supplies/flowers but the way it was displayed..with the light/shadows...WOW! Would love to have seen the cherry blossoms in DC this spring..oh well, next year! Thanks for visiting!:)


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