Thursday, May 27, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Roses!

Most mornings, after sunrise, you will find me outdoors, in the garden. Strolling with coffee mug in one hand, camera hanging off the other...taking mental notes of what needs to get done. And, as we all know, May has a LONG To-Do list. If I somehow miss this day just isn't the same! You understand, I know you do!
This is the week of the roses! Climbers that didn't get a hard prune in late winter are sky-high! Hmm...maybe that's a chore I can permanently cross off...never have they bloomed so profusely!
This is my favorite climber of all~Zepherine Drouhin! Intense, heady fragrance...knocks your socks off, really! AND, it's thornless! What's not to love?

Too bad this beauty is scentless but it's the 'biggest' rose I grow. Petal count in the hundreds, but the name escapes me...

This is possibly Don Juan...

William Baffin climber

Honey Perfume

Even though the roses are taking center stage right now...there are many other pretty bloomers struttin' their stuff~here's just a few.

Have a great day, friends...looks like a beautiful start to the long holiday weekend...ENJOY!


  1. HI Lynn. Your roses are so pretty. I love the Zepherine Drouhin. Does it bloom all summer for you or just one flush? The yellow one is gorgeous. You always have the best looking garden.

  2. What beautiful roses you have. My pink roses aren't blooming yet, but my Harison's Yellow Rose is about done blooming. Our peonies are in full bloom right now, and I did a post about them today. Come for a visit.

  3. Wow...a rose lovers dream...i am dreaming...thankyou for sharing yoru magical blooms and such beauty!

  4. Thank you, Lona! Zeph. Drouhin has it's first heavy flush of blooms and if I give it a good trim, it will bloom again sporadically in July/Aug. It's one of my easiest rust/diseases...plant one if you can. :)

    Merci, Douce France!

    Hi Suzanne, thanks for your visit and comment. Like the roses, peonies are blooming their hearts out, too. I'll be by to see you soon.

    Thank you, very much Kiki! ;)

  5. Lynn your roses are beautiful! Love that big one! Glad your weekend is going to be nice weather. Rain here as always it seems for holiday weekends! Just an added touch for the campers!!!

  6. i bow to thee...
    your garden.
    your photography.

    most incredible!

  7. Your gardens are paradise, Lynn!

    And a beautiful holiday weekend it was!

  8. Hi Lynn,

    Hope you had a good weekend! Your blooms are great! The climbing roses are really spectacular. What a collection. And with little care too? win-win. Actually, your roses are making mine feel really self-conscious!

  9. Hey, thanks, Linda! I would welcome the rain today after the scorcher weekend we've had!

    Hey, Chuck! I can say the same about your blog photos! And I'll gladly trade a corner of my garden for possessing a fraction of your writing skills. ;)

    Mary Jane, you're so sweet! Glad you had a great weekend.

    Wendy, are your roses are newly planted? My climbers are at least 6 yrs. old so they're quite established. Come another week or two and they'll look pretty bad with spots and beetle infested foliage...I'm too lazy to spray!

  10. I love your roses. They look so pretty against your white fence.

  11. Wow they are so beutiful! The only thing blooming around here is the apple trees.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! Wish I could grow roses like that. I may have to try the Zepherin Drouhin.


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