Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Special Surprise...

...just in time for Mother's Day! When I plant bulbs en masse, whether they be daffodils or tulips, I usually go for the 'Multi-Mix' variety. Fun to see what eventually blooms, but more so because it's easier on the budget.

This mix had some 'lily' tulips so I was thrilled.

I thought this one to be especially pretty. But then...

something in this border caught my eye! Do you see her? Upon closer inspection...

she's totally unique! Shorter than her neighbors but..ooh!

The one and only bloom with these beautiful markings!

Isn't she a gem? Maybe I'll give in and order this specific variety next Fall~if only I knew what her name is...

Thanks for visiting, Friends! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. Good morning Lynn!
    It is a rare beauty this one! Amazing the decovery around the garden sometimes!
    I wish you, a Happy Mother's Day !!!
    All the Best!

  2. Gorgeous - it reminds me of our Canadian flag - red and white.

  3. They're lovely; I've gotta look for a mixed bag!

  4. It looks like you put paint on a plate and mixed it in. What a beautiful flower.

  5. Definitely a gem, very unique!
    If you ever find out the name,
    I'd love it if you would share the name.

    Happy Mother's Day to you, Lynn!

  6. That is a striking tulip. Yes, worth repeating.

  7. Have you dropped some paint into the flower? :-) Looks amazingly formed.

  8. In your garden ? Just Stunning !
    Happy Mothers Day.

  9. Merci, Douce France! Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Been thinking of you...check your mailbox.

    Hi Heather, you're absolutely right! ;)

    Sandy! Lovely to see you! Mixed bags are usually found on the last page of catalogs...

    Hi Becca...yes, I thought so, too!

  10. Hi Mary Jane! Ok, so now I'm on a! Thanks for your comment and HMD to you, also ;)

    Thank you, Rosey!

    Ajeya's my friend from so far away? I need to come visit and catch up! Thanks for the hello!

    Yes, view off my dining room window so I've been enjoying her all week! I usually cut them for bouquets but hated to cut this special one..they last longer! Have a wonderful weekend, Patsi!

  11. Wow, your blooms are so many and pretty. They look like those from a garden magazine. I like the red one with white strips swirling inside. Are you growing peonies too?

    Happy Mother's Day!

  12. Hi Lynn, Have you seen Shirl's post about tulips?

    You have some great photos. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Looks like you lucked out with your mix. I can see how it'd be a fun surprise to see what happens in the spring! The red with white streaks is definitely a standout!

  14. What a nice surprise Lynn - she is quite a gem!

  15. Lynn, I'm so glad to have come to your blog and learn that I'm not TOO far behind. These photos, as always, are gorgeous. I can't wait to see your garden live and in person!! I think it may almost be planting season here in the Arctic Circle of the US. Hugs to you!!


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