Thursday, June 10, 2010

Somewhere Out There... house number 15, there is a garden being neglected. Is it just me or do you feel guilty when you go 4 days without pulling a wayward weed, deadhead a spent bloom, or whisper an "I love you" to your favorite flower of the day? Not only do I feel guilty but I also get a little crabby...just ask my family!

Look at this jungle of Rose Campions poor Sue has to fight through to deliver my mail.

Thousands of Feverfew have taken over 2 of my 3 vegetable beds...yikes!

With my crazy schedule, there's been no entertaining in the garden. The only visitors are these uninvited 4-legged variety.

A broader view would definitely show the with the camera set on macro...let's just show the good stuff!

A few of my bearded iris collection...

Those bright yellow Buttercups...weeds!

And these pretty white daisies were not planted by me, so in a sense, another bed of mess, but, they look cool camouflaging another 4-legged creature...look closely!

There's my fuzzy!

Another wet forecast today so looks like it's going on day number 5. But on a more positive note, my dream of a water feature is finally coming true...YES! This is the summer of the pond...and it's only taken 3 years!
Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!


  1. Haha - I too feel the guilt. I have not dead-headed yet this spring and have one garden that I have not weeded or mulched yet so I just don't post pics of that one. Your flowers are beautiful - love the Rose Campion and Irises!

  2. Oh, how would I like to walk through your messy, weedy garden...

  3. Just look at all of that beautiful Rose Companion. Oh, I love all of your irises. Especially the bicolored burgundy one. I have so much mulching to do yet and feel so far behind. Busy days for everyone.

  4. I see only beautiful flowers in your garden! And no, I do not feel guilty!

  5. Hey Tracy, lucky garden left to weed! ;) I have 10 various beds to tend and one large fenced in area so it's no wonder i get behind often!...thanks for your visit!

    Anytime you're in NJ, Tatyana!

    Lona, the rose campions spreads like crazy but they do catch your eye when in bloom. There are even some blooming in white and pink...and the best part, deer leave them alone because of their fuzzy texture. Have a great weekend!

    Sandy! Great to see you! Hope all is great with you and your 'girls'. I know, guilty is really an overstatement...I actually do get a little down in the heart if I go too long without my garden therapy ;)

  6. Hi Lynn!

    Thanks for a nice walk in your lovely garden. The roses haven't arrived over here yet but after seeing this I sure long for them:)


  7. Thank you, Darla! How are things in Florida?

    Hey, you're welcome, Peter! Hang on, your roses will blooming soon enough. And, I know...I owe you email ;)

  8. Neglected? Not this garden! Can't tell, anyhow. I love that photo of your fluffy little puffball hidden in the daisies. He looks so happy!

    I can't wait to see what you're going to do with the water feature!

  9. Hi Lynn, What a gorgeous garden weeds and all! I feel the same way... so much rain this year the weeds and slugs are so happy!
    I love your Iris's the purples are amazing!

  10. Hey, what weeds? I don't see any weeds. I only see the colourful, beautiful blooms here. There is magic everywhere!

  11. Lynne..
    First..I'm so very grateful because you have given a name to a plant that I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was Rose Campion! A neighbor gave me one plant 2 years ago and now I find I'm giving them away in droves..thouht I do love the happy magenta colored I can atleast tell them what it Your Iris are just beautiful..are the daisies oxeye daisies? They are wild here and I've put them in the garden...they multiply big time! I even like the the little buttercups..though I suppose they can be a nuisance.


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