Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Love My New....

...Pond! As is my constant (bad) habit, I am forever starting new garden projects only to never have them completed as timely and as grand as I'd originally planned. This project, however, has surpassed even my wildest dreams of a water feature, and it was completed in record time!

As some of you know, I've been wishing for a water feature for the past few years. This Spring, I was adamant that this was going to be THE year! With the best location sited, shrubs cleared, sod removed, I started digging by hand the few hours here and there, but, was getting nowhere fast! With the impending heat and sore wrists setting in, I was just about to give up! But Hubba Hubba came through, and as a birthday surprise, called in the professionals!

So here's our project, gettin' done in less than a week!
First, the survey~

Then setting up~

And breaking ground!

Digging to China is easy when you have one of these babies! Actually, the pond, at it's deepest, is only 34"

Imagine working with 5 tons of stones!

Hey! How come it's the girls doing all the manual digging?

Here comes the heavy duty liner~

Break time's over barked my tough little supervisor!

I learned there's an art to placing the exact stone in the right spot

Nancy saying "I need a stone yay big"...

So with my water plants in...

and the newly released family pets...

Here's the big TA-DA!
At the very top is a 6x6 bog pond and 3 little falls that streams into the main 11x16 pond

I'm halfway there with landscaping around the pond

Lucky Bandit has a new playground ;)

So thank you, Hubba Hubba, for a birthday gift that's sure to last and last...

Am I on to the next project? Not just yet...I'll be smiling and enjoying this one for a bit!
Happy First Day of Summer, friends!


  1. It's just beautiful! You must really be excited. I love the stones and how natural it looks. Have fun with it!

  2. It's just gorgeous and what a lucky girl you are, my dear :) You truly live in paradise now!

    Peace ~ Rene

  3. you kiss Hubby, what a wonderful birthday present. no way a single person is getting all that done on her own! and the potential for cultivars... i'm drooling just thinking about it. water gardens can be so dense and close planted and they still look great. i will be doing a moisture garden area, as well as a pool, eventually. i'm still debating if the pool goes outdoors, or indoors to retain heat in a passive greenhouse setting, or some combo. choices! i totally understand the 'start a project and don't quite finish it on time' thingee. :-)

  4. Now that's what I call a birthday gift! Your pond is fabulous!

  5. Congratulations Lynn and happy birthday!! What a beautiful gift! You will definitely be enjoying this new feature and WE will enjoy seeing your plantings!! (Catherine is a wonderful gardener-around-ponds!) :-)

  6. Lynn, from the first picture I didn't think that it was man made! The pond is fantastic. Love the rocks they used for the perimeter. Oh this is so fun... I can hear you laughing and sound of the water even from here :-D Your husband has really made most perfect decision on this gift for you!

  7. How exciting to receive a gift like this! Just beautiful and what a great addition to your yard and gardens!

  8. What a terrific surprise gift for you. And it turned out beautifully. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  9. Oh! It's amazing! And Happy Birthday!
    You did an wonderful job! Enjoy!

  10. Well happy birthday to you Lynn - what a beautiful pond! You are going to enjoy that sooooooo much. It's gorgeous!!!

  11. Thank you, ALL, for all the wonderful comments and birthday wishes. It's only been a week living with the pond but it feels like it's been there for ages!
    I've been enjoying my morning cuppa sitting on the rocks, watching dragonflies...it's great! And, as you would guess, snapping hundreds of pictures ;)

  12. Wow, looks like a lot of work. But well worth it. The pond looks gorgeous!

  13. Girl you would have been digging forever with a shovel as big as your pond is. LOL! It turned out so beautiful. You are so going to enjoy this pond. I am so happy for you.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. What an incredible birthday present! Your guy is definitely a keeper :) Your pond is absolutely gorgeous. I instantly felt relaxed just looking at your pictures. I love the progress pics - very hard to believe that it's manmade and so new! It looks like it's always been there. Happy Birthday!

  15. Hi Lynn, What a great present!! Happy Birthday! Your new pond is gorgeous. We have a pond too and it's always so relaxing:-)

  16. Happy birthday Lynn:)

    My god, is that a mansion or something?;)Whatever it is the house and, especially, the garden looks lovely. That was indeed a great present:)

    /Peter, Sweden

  17. oh my GOD!! THis is no little deal! What a huge gorgeous pond. You're going to soooo enjoy this. How fun. I'm really so excited for you. I'm glad you got out there and did some digging too (unless you're just posing out there! ;) )

    Your plantings already look gorgeous

  18. This Lynn would love to have a water feature like that one!!! What a hubby you have there, he is a keeper for sure!!! I love your blog keep up the good work!!!

  19. A little late here, Lynn, but WOW! I love your pond, and as others have said, what a wonderful, thoughtful gift from your man!! Everything looks so beautiful. Can't wait to see it up close and personal. Love, Ginny


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