Sunday, July 4, 2010

Red, White and Blue!

Barely 5am, but, it's another early rise and shine
A special time of peace and quiet
For a daily stroll through this garden of mine

Heavy scent of flowers in the morning air
Entices more than our sense of smell
They pull on heartstrings with tender loving care

Very evident, this combination: red, white, and blue
Calling out to me, everywhere I turn
'specially in this bright bouquet...just for you ;)

Yes, a special day, we can't deny
So shout it loud
"Hurray for Freedom!" on this 4th of July!

Have a wonderful Holiday!


  1. Beautiful Lynn! Everything looks so full and lush! What a thrill it would be to come and be able to 'really' stroll through your gardens. The new Daylilies I got last summer are getting ready to bloom and now I always think of you when I see them since you're a Daylily collector.

  2. why do the daisies look like they're ganging up on the lily?
    "an angry mob of daisies surrounded the lily, it was reported that taunts of she loves us, she loves you not could be heard"...

    Really beautiful Lynn, you have a gift!


  3. Linda, a new daylily enthusiast...I'm thrilled! What colors and do you know the names of which you grow? I'll visit and take a peek! :) Happy 4th to you!

    Thanks much, Keewee!

    Hey, Rene! I was going to call and ask you to help me with some verses...but it was too darn early!! LOL on the gangsta daisies! And you know I HAD to get on my knees for that shot...and only later did I notice the attack from the air, too...poor daylily! Have FUN in the sun...

  4. How wonderful your garden looks...very festive.

    Happy 4th of July.


  5. Lynn, you have some perfect flower combinations for the 4th! Let's say, you were well prepared!

  6. Just beautiful, Lynn! What a wonderful way to pay tribute to our special American holiday!

  7. That was a fun theme! Hope you had a good fourth!

  8. Thank you, Sylvia and Tatyana!

    Ginny, I was just thinking of you and here you are visiting me! I'm losing alot of blooms in this awful heatwave...hopefully things will bounce back when you come visit.

    I did, Rosey. Hope you did, too! Thanks for your visit ;)

  9. very patriotic displays! a lovely morning walk...

  10. Your red, whites and blues are awesome! And a Happy 4th to you too!

    P.S. Your blog keeps trying to translate itself into Africaans. I had to click cancel to stop it and each time when I refreshed it it came back to English but then tried to translate again.

  11. YOU have made My day! Great patriotic post, Lynn! :-)


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