Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Showstoppers of my Garden

July is prime season for daylilies. Yes, there are varieties that bloom as early as April/May, and more and more are being bred to bloom as late as September/October, but, the majority of this beloved plant family will bloom their hearts out in the month of July.

I've not collected any new varieties this least not yet...there's still time! Even with the extra wet conditions we've had this spring, I found quite a few plants not to perform as well as last season. Buds stunted and misshapen, petals not fully opening and color saturation tends to be a little uneven, especially the darker shades. And the reliable branching of scapes and bud count did not meet expectation. Overall, the look of the plant (lots of yellow leaves) isn't as pleasing to the eye.

But, even with all these 'issues', I delight in the faces that open daily to greet me...
Here are a few of my favorites~
'Scarlet Orbit'

'Glowing Delight'

'Aztec Princess'

'Elizabeth Salter'

'Catherine Neal'

'Chance Encounter'

'Pandora's Box'...great name, eh?

'Strutter's Ball'

'Unique Design'

Another view of 'Scarlet Orbit'...notice the bumpy buds?

While typing away at my desk a few days ago, movement out the window caught my eye...

Hmmph...she'd had a healthy serving of 'Dallas Star' by the time I shoo-ed her out...jumping effortlessly over the 6ft. fence!

At least I had taken this pretty picture to catalog.

Our heatwave has finally relented and I can get back to enjoying the daily chore of deadheading mush-mummies in somewhat cooler mornings...what a relief!

Enjoy your day, friends! And, hopefully, you'll want to add one or two daylilies to your garden before the season is out. There are but ONLY 60,000 different varieties to choose from ;)


  1. Lynn...stunning as always :) The heat is somethin' else in NH as well. Oy, it's so humid!

    I think my favorite of the bunch is "chance encounter" romantic

    Peace ~ Rene

  2. Howdy, seems like a long time since visiting you last...slow with everything this year.
    Wow, great selection of lilies.
    All very pretty. They really can jump over a 6 foot fence? Then how the heck can you keep deer out?....oh, think I got the answer...:(

  3. Double WOW! So gorgeous. Love so many of your lilies. Your garden is beautiful Lynn!

  4. OY! is right, Rene...that sticky, icky feeling the second you set foot outside...makes me just turn and run back in! Chance Encounter is a beauty...will be happy to share an offspring! I already have one set aside for you...Mary's Gold. ;)

    Haha, Patsi! Your deer deterrent sounds good to me...I won't report ya! Thanks for your visit!

    Thank you so much, Lona...right back at ya!

  5. Beautiful collection, Lynn!
    Chance Encounter, my favorite!

  6. So many pretty Daylilies! I've just started adding them to my garden this year, they are addictive. My sister just dropped off two that she divided and I can't wait to get them planted. 'Pandora's Box' is one I just planted. 'Chance Encounter' is a real beauty.

  7. Is it your month or what?!

    I hope the deer don't think the buffet's open. Everything looks beautiful!

  8. Lynn, exquisitely beautiful. I like them all, but have to agree with Chance Encounter! We have lots and lots of the (probably) most common variety that I call Plain Yellow. I love the music you play with your blog ... so upbeat! Love ya!

  9. Thank you, Mary Jane!

    Hi Catherine! Pandora's Box is a cutie isn't she? Lucky you have a sister nearby ;)

    Haha, Wendy...definitely a great month! Deer don't care if buffet's closed...soo rude!

    Thanks for visiting, Ginny! But when are you coming to see the real deal?! Actually, daylilies will be pretty much done in a few weeks ;( So by your common yellow, you probably grow Stella D'Oros...I have a few of those!

  10. I'm late! I'm late! As always anymore with being so behind on yard work.
    I'm in love with Catherine Neal and close runner up Chance Encounter. But they're all so beautiful.
    Hey I just did a post on a Daylily nursery close by and she wants to follow some blogs so imagine my surprise when I came to get your blog address for her and you did this post. I can hardly wait to send it to her. ;-)
    Dang deer and they're so pretty too. We have a mama with a single and one with twins. I think they're teaching them how to eat my Lilies cause they left a few behind and even found some blooms on the ground. Unheard of huh?

  11. That's funny, Linda! As cute as those fawns are, they are even worse 'cause they don't know yet what 'not to eat' and do even more damage! Catherine Neal is new to my garden but Chance Encounter have been divided several that they multiply so quickly! Ooh, a daylily connection...lucky you! Better late than never! ;)


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