Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Where've ya been, Lynn?!

 I guess that was a sign for me to update my blog!
Not two, but 3 friends recently asked why my blog has been so quiet.
I must say, it's nice to be missed!  
H. Pandora's Box:
 My only explanation....
I was kidnapped by aliens!
 Actually, the summer has pretty much been a blur.  I found myself on auto-pilot
most days.  More garden clients meant re-arranging my Zumba schedule a bit.
H. Wineberry Candy (one of my faves!)
But thankful for the extra earnings so I'm not complaining
(but, oh, my aching back!)
I'm sure you guys who garden full time can relate!
H. Who's Your Daddy
 I did get away for a 4-day Spa-cation and will share
pics on another post.
In garden news, my daylily collection is growing!  Many new mail-ordered
plants suffered neglect (delayed planting) and heat, but seem to
be doing well now...thank goodness!
 H. Peacock Curls
H. Bright Sunset
H. Ruby Spider is one of my new additions.  HUGE 9" blooms on tall, sturdy scapes...
certainly grabs your attention from across the garden!
And, I'm trying my hand at hybridizing again.
 It's easy to make crosses but I'm finally keeping records of
pod/pollen parents....let's see what comes of it!
H. Fooled Me
To my blog friends not yet growing daylilies, this is a great
time to find 50% sales at your local nurseries.
Easy, easy, perennials...every color of the rainbow.
But, a WARNING!  You will become addicted!
 H. Aaron Brown
 This beautiful red daylily is the one that started it all for me!
H. Scarlet Orbit
And with almost 80,000 different varieties, you can't grow just one!
I dare ya...

Happy Fall, guys!


  1. Hi Lynn! Glad those aliens brought you back and you've been busy. We get that way sometimes and yes, I can sympathize on the back. That Zumba will keep it fine tho. Love your daylilies. GORGEOUS pics! Enjoy fall soon to come!

  2. Lynn, your lilies are so happy, they make me smile! Have a great fall!


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