Thursday, September 25, 2014

Making Time for a Little R & R

Every morning upon waking, I greet the day with a quick prayer of gratitude.  
For my family, my health and the freedom to do what I love to do...everyday!  
My (garden)client roster has doubled this past season and I was thrilled with each new referral.
But, (you know what's coming, right?) I took on more than I could handle...
this landscape service has a staff of!
Running a little ragged by the end of the week is alright, as long as you have the weekend to recuperate.  Unfortunately, the weekends were even longer workdays for me.
June.  July.  August....I was running on empty!
 Hardest of all, my body could not keep up with what my mind thought it could do!
Achy joints, constant back pain, lack of all caught up with me.
The lovely scenes I'm sharing are of the retreat where I found my escape.
It's near the Pocono Mts. of Pennsylvania.
A haven of peace and tranquility.  
It not only nurtured my mind, but my body and spirit as well.
What's even lovelier is I got to spend it with my youngest daughter, Emma.
Great memories were made here during our 4-day stay.
Daily activities included quiet walks, a row on the lake, biking, 
tree gazing, or just staying in our bathrobes all day, if we so chose.
I attended meditation classes and there was even a workshop on "how to power nap"!
I slept through must've been good!
And every day ended with a soak in the infinity whirlpool.
Three gourmet meals a day did not help my diet, but everything was farm fresh and delicious!
Fly fishing, anyone?
S'mores every night at dusk...what a treat!
Isn't this the cutest tic-tac-toe set, ever?!
Em and I had fun making these birdhouses.
I even tried my hand at water coloring...don't laugh!
I still remember to count my blessings each day.  
I focus on the positive, keep calm and carry on, and should I need some down time,
I know exactly where to go...

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!

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