Thursday, October 9, 2014


...a garden without color.  Can you? 
 It's one of those concepts we take for granted, isn't it?
 Maybe we would just learn to appreciate the many shades of black, grey, and white. 
There is still beauty in that, right?
But I'm not sure if we would appreciate Mother Nature at her finest
if we lived through life not knowing the rich, rich colors of a peacock.

Or the Fall season at peak...

And would emotions be a 'less than' experience if we could not FEEL
the warm glow of a sunset?

Or the magic of a rainbow...
Hmmm...ponderings as I rose this morning.
All because the last glimpse of my dream was and white!
A dream that I can no longer remember...(don'tcha hate that!)

Our lives are made richer (and much more interesting!) with the presence of COLOR so as I go through my day, I will doubly appreciate what my eyes take in and I'll send up a prayer of thanks for the joy I feel and knowing that life is going to be a little sweeter today!
Here's hoping you have an amazing day of kodak moments!

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