Thursday, March 10, 2016

2016 Philadelphia Flower Show

Explore America is the theme of this year's show. 
Inspiration came from our nation's national parks and monuments throughout history.
Visitors are treated to wonderful creations of flora and fauna inhabiting
our wetlands, forests and dry deserts.

Amid the themed gardens are the bulb display I always look forward to!
And, of course, the vast varieties of orchids, orchids, orchids!
See the cute pine-cone turtle tucked in below?
I really LOVE the bold contrast of this spring arrangement! 
As you can imagine, I took hundreds and hundreds of photos,
but they'll have to keep til next time.
Thanks for visiting, friends!
Hang in there...10 more days 'til SPRING!


  1. I've enjoyed watching this show through your eyes. And remind me, why didn't I go to the Columbus Home and Garden Show this year?

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