Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Late night progress

So the last post here had us counting 10 days down to Spring. 
Well, the ten days came and went...where is it?! 
It's been over a month and the weather is just finally changing!
Sure, there were a few 70 degree days but Mother Nature was just messin' with us.
I should've known better than to sow my indoor seeds 2 weeks early! 
So...are you asking what's with all these black and white flowers?
I am still sharing beauty from the Philadelphia Flower Show (see last post).
This curtain below depicted a waterfall in Yosemite National Park...
what a stunning display!
Imagine the immense labor of stringing these individual blooms...whoa!
 Made great progress burning the midnight out my immense photo files.
And I was ruthless, too! 
I mean, I need 4-5 photos on the same subject?!   
The above 8 are keepers out of 45!  If photography is your hobby too, 
I'm sure you get that!  I've been wanting to make cards out of the best ones...
another project on the To-Do list.
Let's end this post with a little color, shall we?

Next time, I'll share what's blooming in the garden! 
Happy Spring, Friends!

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  1. This weather has been a real trip, especially that snow we had on Saturday. It cleared up this week, but the mornings have been frigid, even though the afternoons were great. But this weekend, it's going to finally be better. I think we can make it now. I hear you on those photo files! I really need to clear those things out. I swore I would do it this winter, but it just didn't happen.


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