Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Feeling Grounded!

I don't know about you, but I tend to get a little (okay, a lot!) cranky when I go
through a stretch of time without some form of garden therapy.
Truly.  I do.
Bulbs have really been struttin' their stuff for a few weeks now.
Except for the occasional photo ops, I haven't had time to get out there and really enjoy them...
until this past week!

 Thanks to the extended daylight!  A quick change out of heels to garden clogs
and I'm sprinting out the door after work!
But bulbs aren't the only plants showing off  in the garden. 
The weeds have never looked healthier!  
But guess what?  I love to weed.
Truly. I do!
A few hours later (and a wheel barrow full of weeds), I find myself
feeling more relaxed, more centered...
more ME!
Gardening...it just grounds me.  I bet you gardeners can relate!
Thanks for visiting, Friends.

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  1. You must spend long hours planting bulbs every fall, because your bulb display is amazing. I can tell you do it for the joy!


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