Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It took a while but I finally located some great daylily photos to share! Just seeing these awesome blossoms really make me anxious for the garden to get going again, especially on this cold, dark day! First up is a pretty all peach self called Elizabeth Salter. Look at the size of that bloom!

This beauty is called Strutters Ball...the color is a much more deeper purple than the photo shows.

I'm not certain what the name of this pastel pink one is...any guess?

I love the dark eyes of this one. I believe it's called Wineberry Candy and yes, that's my shadow over the plant.

Glowing Delight-you can't tell from the photo but this clump was over 4ft. tall...opens in a deep creamy orange and the edges fade to yellow by evening.

Purple and Orange(!) Bold colors that do not go together, but in a daylily bed...I love it!

I was very lucky to have visited Woodside Nursery (NJ) before they closed for business...this photo shows only a small section of the garden...just imagine acres and acres of daylilies!

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