Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hunterdon pictures

So I'm finally up and about and able to drive again (the little things we take for granted)! Got through some errands, met a girlfriend for lunch and even soaked up some Vitamin that's progress. Along the way I, of course, had to snap some pictures...granted most are from the front seat of my car but I think they came out pretty well...
A beautiful...albeit cold...bench to sit on now, but this view makes me sooo appreciative of winter landscapes!

A holly bush covered in berries was what caught my the post office! Hmm, maybe I can "borrow" a cutting. 

Remember this little statuette from a previous post? I should have brought her in but she does provide clean water for the that a good excuse for being lazy?

A cool shadow casting from my 3' maple tree....and Bandit prints.

One of the most photographic scenes in New Jersey is this historic Red Mill ( We love coming here as Main Street has plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy and it's pretty all year round. Especially great in the summer when the fishermen are out.

And just up the falls was this odd view of a canoe..out of water! I think kids propped it up to use as an ice hockey goal as this is a favorite past time.

Prickly (but soft) seed pods of a sweet gum tree

I'll venture to say this a sycamore tree...?...with its pretty white bark.

Wishing y'all a wonderful and fun Superbowl weekend!


  1. You captured some wonderful scenes today. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments. It was nice to meet you Lynn. :)


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