Monday, February 2, 2009

Is It Spring Yet?

Boo hoo!...six more weeks of winter!! Guess I'll just have to enjoy looking at these posts...hope you will too. Here it is, my last batch of daylily photos from last summer. And realizing now that I have mostly orange/peach, pinks and reds, I need to add more yellow and white to my collection. My garden is predominately yellow in early summer with sundrops, then black-eyed susans in late summer, so that's probably why I wasn't drawn to that color. A setback that can be easily fixed...with more daylilies...hehe.

Remember this beauty...Bridgeton Gem? All those plump luscious buds...gone the next morning! I literally sat down and cried!
When My Sweetheart Returns...I really zoomed in on this one so the bloom size is smaller than you'd think...maybe around 3 1/2"? But I also remember her having a million buds...okay, maybe only around 30...but that's pretty good!

Another snap of the lovely and dark Bela Lugosi.

My first (but definitely not last) double daylily is Siloam Double Classic. Fairly young plant that only produced 2 scapes so I'm looking forward to a lot more blooms this year.

A popular pink to collect is Strawberry Candy. I'm constantly spraying this one as it's located in a front garden...completely unprotected and vulnerable to them darn pesky deer...GRRR!

This beautiful red clump is Jingle All the Way. A good 5" flower with green throat and just look at the bud count! On my list also to move as it's on the short side (24") and doesn't get appreciated behind a barberry shrub (not pictured).

Wineberry Candy up close. Funny story with this one is I purchased a quart-sized pot labeled (with pretty photo) for $10 and a second unmarked pot for $3...because it looked really healthy... and to my heart's delight, the blooms were identical! Not a bad investment for such a beautiful face. This nursery had many "mystery" daylilies so it's definitely worth a trip back.

Two views of Glowing Delight...a pass along gift from wonderful friend, Renee. Love it!

So after all that searching, and making a complete mess in the basement, I did not find as many daylily photos as I'd hoped...where are they hiding??? BUT it did force me to organize the rest of the pictures. There are stacks for vacations, holidays, birthdays, and a huge pile of odds and ends not worth keeping...thank goodness now for digital preview and the delete button! Next project...put them into albums. Anyone else still use this old-fashioned form of photo display? I also couldn't believe the pictures date back 5 years...where did the time go?? Well, my guess is I was probably planting, weeding, or watering it away in the garden.


  1. What beautiful daylilies! I love them. My garden is mostly shade, but I do have a few daylily varieties in the sunnier part of it, and I'm just crazy for them.

  2. Hi Linda,
    I am a newbie to the daylily craze and have lots to learn about them..will try my hand at pollinating this year. Well, I wished my garden had more shade, I'm in sun, sun, sun(!) What cultivars do you grow? OOH, here's an idea, "they" need to hybridize daylilies for the shade gardener...


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