Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Sky, Montana...

Sorting through my albums, I wanted to share with you all a wonderful trip we took a few summers ago to Big Sky, Montana. The reason for the trip was to celebrate my in-laws' 50th Wedding Anniversary. The whole clan (8 adults, 6 kids) came together for a week of fun and adventure. Lone Mountain is a dude ranch! Dude, I'd never been on a horse before! It was quite an experience, let me tell you. By the 3rd day, my activities were mainly hiking and massages...(just the way I planned it!). The kids, however, were pros and by the end of the week, they even put on a rodeo! Best vacation ever! And talk about HEAVEN on earth!

Flying into Jackson Hole, Wyoming, was the first leg of our trip. We then took a tour through Yellowstone National Park before reaching Big Sky.

Here's the grand entrance to the ranch...we just knew we were in for something great!

Our cozy cabins...rustic looking but with great amenities, including a jacuzzi tub!
Here we are, overlooking the huge Yellowstone Lake. Have you ever seen bluer water? BTW, that's HH, me and our two Darling Daughters...
Of course, the prerequisite wildflower photos...
Indian paintbrushes...I fell in love with these way back in high school, when my Biology class would hike the valleys of southern California...subconsciously, I was a plant lover even then and have always remembered their unique name.

Traffic jam in the middle of nowhere! Isn't this hilarious? A herd of buffalo taking their sweet ol' time.

The kids were wild for these "rein-deers"! We saw quite a few..

This view of Grand Yellowstone Falls was amazing!

What a great experience for the kids, to see Nature at her best.

The real thing...

My attempted interpretation of the real thing...don't laugh now!

HH leading the morning, I'm way in back..taking too many pictures...except running up front for this

Riding off into the sunset. Hope you had a nice trip.

What wonderful memories these pictures bring. Here's hoping we'll be back to visit Big Sky one of these days...maybe OUR 50th.


  1. looks like a wonderful, memorable trip Lynn! I love those huge swaths of wildflowers.

    I hope you get to make that trip again before your 50th!

    I've been out west many times, but never made it to Montana. I loved Wyoming though, and of course Colorado too - loved it so much I almost moved there in the '70s.

  2. What a nice trip to take with your family. All the memories they'll have from it will last a lifetime. Beautiful photos!

  3. Thanks Linda and Racquel, for your visit and nice comments. We loved Wyoming too (at least the Jackson Hole area) but were shocked how expensive real estate was. Maybe that's to keep out people so it stays as beautiful as it is...

  4. What a beautiful place! And great photos too. Sounds like a dream trip for you and your family.


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