Monday, February 9, 2009

Indoor Blooms

Best in bloom today is the collection on this side table. The 3rd stem to bloom on this amaryllis. Kitty Lacey knocked the pot over when the first two stems were in bud last month...see how tough they are, and pretty too! The begonias were stem cuttings (rooted first in water) from November. Tiny leaves behind the amaryllis is something really cool called a shrimp plant. The salmon colored bracts lasts months! Hopefully, it'll bloom again for me this summer. And, of course, your grocery store variety of cyclamens and a miniature rose. I've heard these miniatures are hardy enough to be planted right in the garden and will return to bloom it's heart out...something to try! Well, that is if I can keep it going for the next few months. Loving gardening as much as I do, I tend to lose indoor plants more often than I care to admit...
Finally! All that mush and slush is gone from the garden....yippee!! The weekend brought decent temps (low 50's) and bright sunshine. Not quite T-shirt and sandals weather but, we'll take it, won't we? Maybe I'll be able to start indoor seeds a little earlier than the usual mid-March date. My annual must-haves include sweet-peas, morning glories, zinnias, but then also the "new" blooms that catch my fancy through garden tours (and blog sites!) will get a trial. There are many this year!

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