Friday, February 13, 2009

1st '09 Flower Show!

Thursday found me at the Edison (NJ) Flower and Garden Show. It's only a fraction in size compared to the Philadelphia show, but, for a gardening nut, still fun to attend. There were about 5 display gardens and they consisted mostly your basic fare of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Even so, all those flowers in bloom (even the strong smell of mulch!) did wonders for the late winter blahs. I did, however, spent the bulk of 3 hours in the Marketplace shopping...teehee.

This was a beautiful display of camellias, Asiatic lilies and hellebores.
Hellebores up close.

arrangements that caught my eye.

A few water gardens...

Bamboo stalks painted red!

Loved this fountain...

The market tables..

I'm kicking myself for not getting this stephanotis fragrant.

Purchases included a money tree, 4 stalks of the hawaiian lei flower, plumeria, and some Mudd gardening gloves. Surprisingly, I didn't make too deep a dent in the pocketbook, but there are 3 more days left of the show. Hmm, maybe a trip back on Sunday for the 'everything must go' sale!


  1. Just so gorgeous! I cannot wait for flowers to bloom again. We have a Home and Garden Show in Columbus the end of the month and I can hardly wait to go get some good ideas and see what they have created.I bet you hated to leave:)
    Thanks for Faving my Blog.

  2. Great to meet you, Lona! Thanks for the visit and nice comments, too!

  3. What a beautiful sight for winter-weary eyes Lynn!

    I've never been to a garden show before. Chicago's garden show will be coming to Navy Pier in early March, and I'm so looking forward to attending.

  4. Thanks for showing your pictures! Our NW flower and garden show in Seattle will be held last time, how sad!

  5. Hi there, you have wonderful photography skills. Just what my winter weary eyes needed just about now. Keep the great pics coming! -Heather

  6. What a wonderful trip you have offered us! Here in Canada we there aren't that many shows - and here in Ontario it doesn't come close to comparison...thanks again

  7. Thanks, Linda! I need to upgrade my camera, the pictures could have been better. Okay, how is it you've never been to a Flower Show?! I'm sure you'll have an amazing day at the Chicago show. Wear sneakers and don't forget your camera :)

    Tatyana, I'm in love with your puppy smelling the cute is that! So sad about the last Seattle show, you'll have to enjoy it ten times more.

    Thank you, Heather. I've learned to have my camera with me most days now. Never know when an opportunity will present!

    Hi Teza, glad you came to visit! I was just in Toronto in December and it was COLD! but we are only 1 zone apart so spring is coming soon for you, too. Looking forward to visiting your blog,

  8. I enjoyed your photos and tour very much, Lynn! I haven't made a point of attending 'garden shows' in the past...but being in the D.C. suburbs, I am sure there are many to be found. After blogging for a while now, joining Blotanical in Nov., and talking with and learning from so many other gardeners, I think a show will be on my agenda, in the very NEAR future:) I love the hellebores, too...and MUST get more!!


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