Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Held My Breath in Wonder...

After taking Darling Daughter #2 to school last Wednesday, I took a detour through the nearby reservoir and came across this amazing colony of birds...resting calmly on the frozen water. And, DARN, no camera! But next morning, I was back and prepared. The sky was even better! Just as I aimed to shoot, the birds took flight and this is what I captured!

Too beautiful for words...

I was really glad to have been right there, right then, witnessing that beautiful moment.

Taken from the parking lot...those black specks are Canadian geese.

Joining the rank of all those beautiful treescapes bloggers have shared. Oooh, I didn't even notice that bird coming in for landing...
A flower and garden show coming this weekend to Edison, NJ. It's only natural I have to go...if just to smell the dirt and mulch. And, of course, for garden inspirations!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful pictures! Thanks! And it is so true that the best shots are those that we never took. But you did good!

  2. Beautiful scenes you captured Lynn! I love the winter sky.


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