Monday, April 20, 2009

Eye Candy...

..WITHOUT the calories..HA! This is my favorite time to visit garden centers. They sure know how to catch your eye with displays such as can't help but be reeled in! I was surprised to see so many geraniums in stock this early...they were big and beautiful, too! Sure was tempting but I resisted...go me!...well, at least on this trip.
However, I could NOT resist these beautiful columbines (double form) so a few found their way into the basket.
Trays upon trays of pansies. Had to laugh, though, when another customer came up to ask me a question and I (embarrassingly), had to say "sorry, don't work here".  So why was I deadheading the pansies? I just HAD to!  You know that impulse!
Has anyone grown ranunculus? I love the papery look and feel of the petals and just look at the range of colors!
Flea Bane, Phlox and Lilies...OH MY!

I really liked this kneeling angel. Hmm...the birthday wish list getting longer.
Wished I had more time to browse but someone kept pulling me away...
Note to self: next time, don't bring Hubby!


  1. You're too funny! I always pick up things off the ground that don't belong. People are forever asking me if I can help them and I have to explain that I don't work there. I suppose Woodsy Owl is deeply ingrained. I don't think I have ever been caught deadheading though. Funny!

  2. Wow they have a lot of really nice plants in bloom. I couldn't have resisted those Columbines either! Too funny that you were dead heading the pansies!

  3. I love Columbine! I started some from seed years ago and just last year they reseeded! I have to agree- the nurseries really know just how to catch your eye (wallet)! I have to go with blinders on for sure ;)

  4. I wish I was there. The flowers are all so beautiful, especially the first photo flowers. I also like the kneeling angel, so calm so faithful :-)

  5. Sure looks tempting Lynn!

    Working a couple days at a nursery, I'm tempted all day as I keep discovering more goodies in every greenhouse nook and cranny.

    It's surprisingly hard to find columbines in local nurseries. I can't understand why they're not more readily available around here, as beautiful as they are. Internet ordering solves that problem, and speaking of temptations. . .

  6. The ranunculus are gorgeous - I've not grown them yet. I'm often asked if I work in the plant nurseries when I'm visiting! Maybe I should!!

  7. So many gorgeous candies to eat...I can't make up my mind which one to try first;-) Sorry it took me so long to add you back on my list! I'm still missing's hard to keep up with everyone, though;-) I have 2 columbines and they both came up this year...they haven't bloomed yet though. I am always reminded of the tragedy at Columbine HS when I look at them. In fact, that was on my mind when I planted them. And, I don't know anyone there...they are just beautiful rememberances.

  8. I love to browse the garden centers, even if I intend on not buying. It almost always happens I come home with something for my garden.

  9. Hi Lynn, What a wonderful blog! Lots of gardening pictures and information, not to mention eye candy. Gee, I am thinking to myself (that is), that buying more eye candy without calories is perfect-as it will work off those calories while I am planting all those lovelies. Which reminds me, I know what I'll be doing today:) Hope you got all yours planted. Those plants are beautifully displayed. I have not grown ranunculus before, but have seen it on blogs-recently. It is lovely.

  10. Lynn what beauties. I would not be safe at all working at a nursery :-) I have never grown ranunculus but I love their layers of petals. That double Columbine was just a take homer :-).Had to laugh at your dead heading because I do the same thing with other peoples flowers without thinking. I also use to work in retail so I find myself straightening or picking things up while I shop. My family reminds me that "you work everywhere you go".

  11. Lynne that is just too funny. Don't think I've been caught deadheading. Those Columbines would have come home with me too. I have 4 different kinds I think no 5. I love them and just thought I don't remember seeing any at that nursery the other day. Dang! Nother reason to go back! Reasons to go back is getting longer than my wish list!
    Great post! Happy planting & deadheading!

  12. HA Lynn, plant shopping? A dream. With hubby? A nightmare! So funny you were grooming the wares too. Sometimes people ask me questions, but I always tell them I don't work there, then answer if able. It does seem too early for some of the things. Our columbines are blooming right now, one cannot have enough of those. :-)

  13. Hi Heather, just goes to show true gardeners never!

    Catherine, I'm enjoying my new columbines..they are very different..maybe you'll come across them in your area too!

    Tessa, you're right about the wallet comment..that's why I'm working now...earning $$ for my addiction.

    Thanks, Stephanie! Those geraniums WERE ginormous! Hope they'll still have some left in a few weeks..I was afraid to get them as the nights are still quite chilly here.

    Hi Linda, I didn't realize you were moonlighting at a nursery..hope the employee discount is great!! I would just be working for

    Phoenix, you'd be amazed how these gorgeous ranunculus come from funny looking tuberous roots (shriveled octopus legs!)...they need to be dug up and stored (like dahlias) in zones below 8. I've enjoyed them in pots, just haven't planted any in the ground.

  14. Garden center draw me in like bees to honey! I can't resist them. What fun you had! That's what I did yesterday too. You are right, leave hubby home.

  15. What nursery were you at? I'm so jealous..we haven't got near that variety on display yet. Though I have seen the geraniums..I have was still too cool yet. I would have snapped up that phlox though, I can never seem to find it when I want it..LOL

  16. Hi Jan, the columbines in my garden are just sprouting also..I love how they reseed everywhere. And your mention of the Columbine HS tragedy..can you believe it's been 10 years!

    Hi Keewee, I'm like you, can't help but go home with at least one goody!

    Thank you, Tina! Hope you got lots of gardening in...and burned enough calories to treat yourself to something

    Lona, good to know we're not alone in our "need" to pretty things up! Maybe it's just the "mothering" gene in us?

    Thanks, Linda. I hope you post all your different columbines in bloom! I have the purple and yellow variety in the garden but these were so different..HAD to get them :)

    Haha and so true, Frances! I had to be sweet and accommodating though as Hubby is working hard at building my compost Btw, I love your little orange/red columbines!

  17. Hi Rhonda, the geraniums were at H.D. and the phlox were at Lowe's...which are right next to each other...go figure!

    Hi Robin, I HAVE to stop too if I see a garden's an

  18. I could spend hours in the nurseries looking at plants this time of the year Lynn. :) I'm growing Ranunculus for the first time this spring, can't wait for the blooms. Those double columbines you picked up are pretty.

  19. Beautiful pictures! I love visiting nurseries this time of year too! Its a great way to feel inspired :)


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