Thursday, April 16, 2009

Missing in Action...

The last four days without internet have felt like an eternity! Especially now that I've become so fond of all my new gardening friends...yes, YOU! and I have missed visiting your blogs and seeing photos of the latest and greatest in flora and fauna. So Yippee(!) we are up and running and I can't wait to see what I've been missing...

But first, here's what's blooming in my yard today.
These pretty blossoms are from a purple plum tree.
Hyacinths and pansies under same plum tree.

Sunglasses needed...these primroses are ALMOST too bright!
My mail-ordered bare-root roses and new perennials have arrived...which means a mad scramble to get topsoil delivered and new beds to prepare. And, can you believe, everywhere I look, I see weeds! The MADNESS begins....and don't I just love it! Doing the happy dance!


  1. Glad you're back! Your flowers are very pretty, I love the color of the hyacinths.

  2. Im lovin your beautiful flowers! All the bright colors make me want to SMILE! : )

  3. Welcome back, you've been missed. The blooms in your yard are so vibrant! I can't wait for flowers to bloom here too.

  4. I love those Hellebore! Just a beautiful color! So glad you're up and running again- happy gardening to you :)

  5. Hi Lynne, yes, you were missed. I kept checking to see if anyone was home. Your flowers are beautiful - great colors. Still waiting for mine!

  6. Hi Lynn, No wonder! Glad that your internet is back and you are now back in action with your beautiful garden. I love the plum tree blossoms. They look as lovely as cherry blossoms. Your primroses are awesome. Have a wonderful blogging day today:-)

  7. No Internet - how awful! Glad it's sorted.

    Your flowers look lovely. Blossom trees always make me feel extra happy!

  8. Beautiful spring colors in your garden right now Lynn. I love that yellow Hyacinth, very unusual color. :)

  9. Lynn, I love how you have your hyacinths and pansies arranged together.Makes such a pretty display. I love primroses so much just have to get some since my seedling look so puny :-) Wonderful, colorful shots of your spring garden.

  10. Very fresh flowers looking great against your white fence.

    Have you grown bare root roses before? I just planted six species roses bare root and found it remarkably simple. They were huge roots though and I had to dig a much bigger hole than when I buy roses in a pot.

    Let me know how they fare this summer.

  11. Hi Catherine, Oh, I'm so glad I'm in the drawing for your book, thank you!

    Thanks for visiting Jessica, I popped over and left you a message on your blog too!

    Heather, I was thinking of you earlier when I passed a farmette and in their front yard were lots of little goats! There were also a llama, sheeps and a pig! I can't wait for your flowers to start blooming too!

    Thank you, Tessa! I'm hoping to get alot of gardening in (weeding) on Sunday even though there's rain in the forecast.

    Hi Linda, thanks for checking on me...I do that alot's like missing good friends when they're not around :)

  12. I have Blotanical withdrawal whenever I am away from the computer! Your spring flowers are so colorful and cheerful.

  13. Hi Stephanie, the plum blossoms are not as showy at a distance as they are quite small but I do love them. Can you grow primroses in Malaysia?

    Hi Phoenix, funny (and sad, too) how much we depend on the computer! Especially now, being so addicted to blogging :)

    Racquel, I think that yellow hyacinth is an unusual color too, like creamy butter. Purchased a mixed bag through mail order..most are pink and purple but I do love the peach and white ones too.

    Hi Lona, When I saw the hyacinths coming through the pansies, I thought Oh NO! I had planted the hyacinths in late October and then planted the pansies in November in alternate circles around the plum tree..but aparently, they were planted right on top of each other! Now in bloom, a little crowded but doing well. Btw, my primroses are the grocery store variety!

    Hi Jo, thanks for visiting. These are my first mail-order roses and they DO look healthy. Very green stems with alot of leaf buds and nice roots (about a 8-10" spread around) I'll keep you posted on how they do.

    Msrobin, I'm up EARLY to blog before the kids kick me off...we all went through Thanks for stopping in.

  14. Hi Lynn, I am so glad you have your internet back, what a pain to be without it. That has happened to us several times and puts us, or me into a panic. Your primroses are wonderful, they are a favorite of mine. Good deal on the coming of spring to you, weeks and all. :-)

  15. Glad you're back Lynn, and the internet issue is resolved. We had a problem with a bad relay in the cable box in our neighbor's back yard last summer. The internet was fine during the cool morning and evening hours, but the relay was overheating during the day and we'd have no internet. It was frustrating, but thankfully once we realized the pattern, the cable guys came out and fixed it right away.

    Your garden looks wonderful. Hope you got your topsoil and are on the way to getting your new beds planted with all those mail order goodies!


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