Friday, March 13, 2009

And the Winners...

The judging area of the flower show is always fun to tour. Some entries just make you scratch your head and say "huh?" and others truly spectacular! are some of the winners that caught my eye. I loved this amaryllis pot crammed with blooms!
This clematis vine was in a shallow 8" pot.

This strange looking flower is called "Amorphophallus". It exuded a strong unpleasant odor...okay, it was just plain stinky! And look, they've put it next to a citrus tree...very sneaky!

A miniature fragrant!

I loved this begonia

Cool berries on this standard

From the "Alpine" entries...I'm hoping to make some hypertufas this year just for this purpose.

This was one of the entries I didn't "get". What's so special about this little cyclamen? It's in a 6" green plastic pot, very ordinary red blooms...the kind you can pick up at the local A & P....
or this entry (other than being odd)...but win first place they did!
What is this "brainy" looking thing......why, a succulent, of course!

A lot of blogs recently on hellebores so I was really excited to see these up close and in person. Loved this double one!

For more on the Philadelphia Flower Show, visit Patsi and OldRoses for their beautiful photos. Thanks for coming along for the tour.  Hope you enjoyed...


  1. A lot of very pretty ones. I'm waiting for my clematis to bloom. I've never seen one in a pot before. Love those double hellebores too!

  2. Didn't realize you did more posts.
    Way to go!!
    Sorry, but I've been too tired to visit anyone lately...don't know why.
    Love that we fancy different plants...get to see things I over looked like the succulents.
    Don't think I'll ever plant garden beds still have leaves in them when they bloom.
    I added you to my list of bloggers that I makes easier to find you.

  3. Great shots Lynn! I love all the succulents. That pot of amaryllis was very impressive. So much visiting the garden shows via the blogs!

  4. Hi Lynn, thanks for showing us the winners. I am also puzzled by the cyclamen, but maybe you had to see the competition, maybe that was the best of the lot? Thanks for all those orchid shots previously, I just can't get enough of those exotics. Hellebores are just wonderful too. You would be able to really study them on a table like that, so much better that laying on the ground looking up! HA

  5. Hi Catherine, I'm sure that clematis has been in a greenhouse all winter and fed like crazy for that early display. I'm always looking out for different vines to grow so that's on my wish list now.

    Thanks, Patsi for adding my link...I find it so much easier to just go down my blog list and read the gardeners I've come to know and love and it does save time. Nice warm weekend we're having...finally!

    Linda, it is great to see and read about garden shows from Seattle to

    Hi Frances, yes, that cyclamen was the only entry in that class as there were no others on display so it won by I was thinking the same thing about the hellebores when I was looking "up" at them! They sure were pretty!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing that flower show with us, I felt like I went with you! I agree on that very ordinary cyclamen. They probably stopped at the store on the way to the show! LOL

  7. Hi Lynn,

    I was skipping around blotanical when I saw your comment that you've visited every nursery in NJ and PA. I had to check to see where you are located because I've been looking for some nurseries in NJ. You see, I'm a perennial nut, my number one perennial is daylilies and I love to visit nurseries! I live on Long Island but my daughter goes to school in Easton PA so at least once a month I find myself driving along Route 78. I'd love it if you could recommend something along that route.

    Old Country Gardens

  8. Wonderful entries, I love the Sweet Autumn Clematis in a pot, they smell so sweet.

  9. It must have been fun touring the flower show, walking around enjoying the smells, admiring the blooms, and wondering how some displays won. I would have my pad of paper out, making lists as I went.

  10. Nice photos. I've been looking around for garden show photos, so, thanks. The crazy succulent is very cool.

  11. Thanks for that close-up of the Daphne...I was able to see the label and find a nursery who carries that variety,...yea! Thanks for the fun post, Brian


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