Tuesday, March 10, 2009


...just orchids.

These were just a handful of orchids out of hundreds that were on display at the Philadelphia Flower Show. I guess you can tell I'm attracted to the rich colored ones!


  1. Oh, I had a favorite photo- then lost it. So hard to choose. I've never dared to go into the world of Orchids! Just beautiful, graceful, elegant!

  2. Oh my, those are really lovely!

  3. I love the orchids that don't look like orchids.

  4. Hi Tessa, I think you have to take the plunge like Lona at Hocking Hills and get yourself the first orchid..who knows, it may become a big passion! I couldn't pick out a favorite either.

    Blossom, you must see many in the landscape in Malaysia. Thanks for visiting.

    Old Roses, you must mean the deep purple that looks like pansies?? I love that one! How easy is it to grow?

  5. Just Gorgeous! I'm having a blast checking out all the garden show posts. I can't believe I never went to a garden show before this year. Now I can't imagine not going every year.


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