Monday, March 2, 2009

You've Got to be Kidding!

We woke up today with 6-8" of the white powder...again! Anticipating a few more inches by 3pm. It seems I go from colorful spring flowers to cold winter postings..enough already! Just when my hellebores were showing signs of life...they are tough little plants though and will survive..but I may not! With schools and offices closed today, we are lazying about in our pj's but kids are mumbling something about mom hogging the computer! I'm happy that I've caught up on my blog readings, so a productive day! HH just plowed the driveway so I'll venture out for some photos...

Sun trying to push through the clouds...bright for a bit but it stayed dark like this most of the day.
Little white dog missing.....OH, therrre he is!
The nearby gorge that I love walking through
A wild bittersweet vine...

And this cute little red chair in a neighbor's yard caught my eye.

The sunset tonight was hazy but with pinkish hue to it...
Let's hope these will be the last winter wonderland pics of the year. Come's March already! Ok, I won't think about the time we had snow at I've been enjoying the spring blooms of  wonderful garden bloggers (you know who you are), but I am so ready to see new growth coming from my very..sigh. Hopefully, next time.  Stay warm, guys!


  1. I agree - we really don't need another snowy day. When I toured my gardens this weekend, I was enjoying walking around on soil and brown grass - now under 10" of snow, again. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed the story about the Secret Garden. I'll keep my fingers crossed that we don't have snow at Easter!

  2. Lynn, first, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. Second, these pictures are incredible. I clicked all of them and they took my breath away! The sunset is gorgeous, the berries, the garden things, the white doggie on the white snow .... wonderful! I hear what you say about March, etc. But you know what, we had a nice day here and my back hurts already from gardening... Enjoy your little break before a garden season starts. Oooohhh, I need a massage...

  3. Lynn, I'm so sorry your getting it again. But your snow helped me clear up a big blunder I had. When I read that I thought where did they have snow in Washington state today again? I realized I had you listed under Washington blogs. OOps. Guess it happened when I was going through my very overwhelmed and confused stage - which if I was perfectly honest is most of the time but for that I had an excuse so I'm going for it.
    But I'm glad it got me here to see your beautiful (if not so loved) winter wonderland pictures. You really do capture the beauty in everything.

  4. Oh Lynn, sorry about all your new snow. But it did make for beautiful picture taking. We are used to mother nature playing dirty little tricks on us here in Idaho, but your yard will be ready to work in again soon. On days that this happens to me I think "maybe I was supposed to plan one more thing, now that I have the time." Enjoy!

  5. Haha! I've had that same reaction to snow. But oh those river pictures are fabulous! And your little white dog is too cute. Looks like he knows when the camera is pointed at him.

  6. Hostabuff, yes, fingers crossed here too..and toes!
    Tatyana, ok, I'll be thankful for the break right now as I DO remember those back braking days of But you know - we want what we don't have!
    Thanks, Raingardener! I'm still trying to figure out all the edits, sizing, adding widgets, etc. of blogging so you're not alone. I take notes of who lives where, who grows family thinks I'm nuts...but its fun!
    And thanks, Heather and Melanthia, for your visit and nice words.
    Off to bed now, my eyes are crossed from too much reading today...

  7. I hope you're right Lynn, cause I am ready for winter to be over already. It's pretty while it lasts but I'll be glad to see the snow go. :)

  8. You and me both Lynn! I was already seeing new growth and starting to dig a little...and this white stuff just covered everything last night!! LOL.
    Can't wait 'til it melts...that's all I can say at the moment, without saying something I might regret;)

    I love your photos...they are awesome!

  9. Wow! That's a lot of snow! Cute dog- reminds me of one of mine! So, I bet your sick of the snow, right? Spring is on the way, no worries!

  10. I agree..I have grown weary of winter. Just when I felt we were moving forward that blasted cold front came through...ugggh! I have to admit though....the photos captured some real beauty. That being said...let the daffodils and tulips reign.

  11. Those are some very pretty pictures. I love your little white dog. You're right it is just like mine! What's her (or his) name?

  12. I just love to see the creeks when it snows. I'm not a winter fan, but I keep hoping for one more pretty snowfall, so I can take some pretty pictures. Did I just say that? Will wonders never cease.

  13. Hi Lynn, it's all so pretty, love the hidden white doggie! But it's time for spring to think about showing its face, I agree. The bittersweet sure looks pretty, invasive I know, but lovely. We have it too, but I have never seen it grow like it does in your area.

  14. What a beautiful snowfall Lynn - you got some great shots. I just LOVE bittersweet, and have thought seriously about planting the native variety here - it's awfully tempting.

    I do hope spring will soon be visiting your garden. Amazingly, it's already 57 degrees here this morning, and the sun is brightly shining. It's the calm before the storm, as we are expecting rain here later and all weekend. I hope the warmth will be moving in your direction soon. If the rain comes your way with it, that snow will be gone in no time flat. Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Your LWD will have to take a trick from the polar bears, and cover his nose in the snow. Then he'll be well camouflaged.


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