Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby, it's cold out!

Good Morning friends! The weatherman was correct, for a change, and the anticipated big storm arrived after 1pm yesterday and continued throughout the night. Evening plans were cancelled so I spent many hours knitting by the fire and watching The Wizard of Oz with the girls :)

This is the view we woke up to.
Wonder what Lacey's thinking....
Our second snowfall this year but the temps, while BRrr today, haven't been too horrendous... least I didn't freeze my fingers off while snapping photos of the garden.

Our steep road gets plowed often, which is great! but our mailbox, more often than not, will end up getting knocked down! Bandit's walk was quite an adventure...poor baby could barely see where he was going. And he looks 'dirty' compared to the pristine! About 10 inches accumulated...nice and fluffy, least easy to shovel.
Guess I better sign off and get out there!
Have a great Sunday!


  1. Great pictures Lynn. I always love your posts and pictures. I heard Baby It's Cold Outside the other day on the radio and thought it was very appropriate for that weeks freezing temps.

  2. Nice pictures, lovely scenes of winter.
    Wising you a lovely Holiday Time with your family! All the Best for the new year!

  3. Do be careful shoveling, they are calling this heart attack snow. On the weather channel anyway, they like to sensationalize everything. It is beautiful, but poor Bandit, it looks like it is over his head!

  4. I like the picture of the cat looking out the window. I see cherries in many blogs during this winter season. It seem to be able to withstand frost. Lynn, have a Merry Christmas!

  5. I bet Bandit had snow clumps on his little paws :-) The kitty has the right idea,stay in and look out.
    What a pretty snow. I love the snow on the berries picture Lynn.
    You got more snow than we did here.
    Okay girl where is your snowman? ;-)
    Happy Holidays to you and yours Lynn!

  6. We have been knee deep in the white stuff since the 4th of Dec. Happy to share the wealth ;-)

  7. Lynn, your Bandit looks a lot like my Sidney! (Only my Sidney had a very close haircut a month ago... it keeps his coat from matting after it gets wet. He doesn't like to get cold, though!!) ha. Congratulations on receiving snow in time for Christmas! I'd intended to knit today... but wrote Christmas cards instead. :-)

  8. Lots of snow here too. We got 2 feet of the stuff. Ellie hates it because it's way over her head. Bandit looks so darn cute! :)

  9. Oh Lynn, those snow are thick. It must have been so so so cold! But it is nice to see snow from photos ha ha... Although your garden is covered with snow but it's a nice change :-) But I hope that you would still be able to get your groceries and stuffs. We need lots of food for Christmas! And I hope that you and your family would have an enjoyable year end :-D

  10. Mr. Subj. My legs were numb, face frozen, and still, an achy back this morning...still jealous? Just kidding!

    Hi Linda, yes, appropriate song, indeed! Thanks for your sweet words ;)

    Sweet France, comment ca va? I hope you are feeling yourself again! Many hugs in return :)

    Hi Frances, the cold got to me after a while and it was very hard to breathe...and windy, too! Oh, most of my Calif. family is spending the next 10 days in Tennessee...maybe you'll treat them to a white xmas ;)

  11. There is nothing like a garden in snow! That's the best part of a winter garden!

  12. Ah, snow photos. I needed that. It doesn't feel like we'll be getting any this year. I know it's because I didn't deadhead my flowers so I could take snow pix. LOL

  13. Bandit looks so cute by the giant Poinsettia! Your snow pictures are so pretty. 10 inches would be a lot for us here, and this whole side of the state would shut down :)

  14. Hi Lynn,
    I have to smile when you mentioned your mailbox, ours gets knocked down too almost every year! frustrating sometimes.
    So far, we got lucky, our area dodged the bullet, so to speak, it snowed but hardly any accumulation.

  15. It's pretty, but you can have it! The big snows didn't make it here to Ohio, thank goodness! White Christmas's may be pretty, but we always travel over the holidays and I don't want to go slip-sliding away!

  16. Thank you, Autumn Belle! The very best wishes to you, too!

    Lona, the snow was too light and didn't stick well enough to build a snowman...we tried! Yes, Bandit comes in covered with tiny clumps on his to pull off..NOT! Love your snow pics, too!

    Pam, thanks for're too!

    SG, Bandit IS in a short puppy cut, otherwise he looks like a little sheepdog...I hope you posted a pic of Sydney recently, I'll check :) Ooh, Christmas cards-I need to get mine done!

    Jackie~you win! Wow, two feet is alot! Cute how Ellie Mae was looking out the door but wouldn't go out there...I don't blame her ;)

    Thank you, Stephanie! No problems shopping once the roads are plowed. Hey, would you like me to send you some snow in the mail...haha! Enjoy your holiday, too!

  17. Nice to see you, Martha, thank you!

    Kelly, uh-oh, you've gone and done it now...a
    record breaking snowfall coming your way...all
    because you didn't deadhead..ha!

    Catherine, anything under a foot is considered small here...I remember the 5-6ft. storm a while back! I'm still bumming about your fishes...

    Hi Nance, great to hear from you! Have a wonderful Holiday with your family ;)

  18. Lynn, these photos are stunning! (What else would I expect from you?) Ironically, here where we usually have tons (no kidding!) of snow, we haven't had nearly as much as areas that usually get very little. I look forward to one good storm!

    Hugs to you!

  19. Thank you, Ginny!
    Uh-oh, I think you just put in an
    order for that one good!
    4 days in and the pretty scenery is
    just now messy and dirty...I think our
    white Christmas is fading fast.
    Btw, thanks for your sweet email;)
    Have a great day!

  20. Beautiful photos Lynn! Bandit is adorable in the snow.

    Merry Christmas!

  21. I love that 4th photo with the snow all piled up precariously. We got a lot too - maybe close to 2 feet?? It's been fun!

  22. I love the photo with Lacey the cat on the windowsill, and the lovely cold bluish tinge to the outdoors.

    We have snow here too, which looked beautiful today in the sparkling sunlight. I have put so much grit on the steep front steps that
    they look like cheesecake base!

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Lynn, and thank you for your lovely blog which I have so enjoyed throughout the year.

  23. Awesome pics !! You're really a good pictures and very creative.
    Best wishes for the holidays.

  24. Same to you, Linda, thank you!

    Wendy, bet the kids are having a blast in all
    that snow! Amanda went out yesterday and played...acting like a 5-yr. old herself!
    Then making hot chocolate afterwards made
    me think of you and your girls :)

    Hi Phoenix careful on those steep steps! Safety first so sand/salt away! Your compliment means so much, thank you! Now I NEED some cheesecake! Even at 6 in the morning..haha!

    Thanks, Patsi! I wish the same to you :)

  25. You are a great photographer, as I can tell by these snow photos. My favorite is the cat staring out at the strange white world.
    We don't get snow where I live, in California, but I grew up in Wisconsin and miss it for Christmas.
    I see you love day lilies, my favorites are Oriental or Asiatic lilies; I am pictured with one of mine in my little blogger photo. The lily flower is six inches across.
    Merry Christmas.


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