Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Yes, from my California trip...what I would give to be on this beach right now!
Thanks everyone for your visits on the T-Giving post. I'm sooo over turkey by now~at least 'til Xmas! Now begins the mad rush of shopping! shopping! shopping! Like my gardening chores of late, I'll be procrastinating yet again...hate the crowds!
And, sadly, it seems I've hit a dead end on Blog Street~pretty quiet in the garden so not much to report but I'll continue reading your posts, and hopefully, I'll muster up some creativity and get another one up soon...thanks for checking in, guys!
Okay, sorry...not so wordless after all ;)


  1. Love hearing from you, Lynn! And what a beautiful photo!! I wouldn't mind being in California right now, either! Thinking of you during this busy season (still haven't got the paperwhites.. I hope I can still get them).

    Hugs to you!

  2. Hey Ginny, paperwhites are on my shopping list, too! Just gotta get to them soon if you want blooms for xmas..
    A day on the beach would be heavenly today huh? Instead we are wrapped from head to toe in this Nor'easter...meh!
    Stay warm!

  3. Lynn...
    STUNNING shot!

    i honestly don't know how you do it...
    truly wonderful, gifted!

    thank you for sharing
    YOU with us!


  4. Holiday shopping? Great. I love this time of the year in the US when you can see all kinds of beautiful winter plants - cyclamens, violas, paperwhite, amaryllis... in garden centers!

  5. ok girl, get out there and get in the spirit of things. Watch some x-mas specials on TV. Get some hot cocoa. Make some shopping lists and go THIS WEEK. Tomorrow I make my last shopping stop and I'll be done. yay!!! Then I will drink eggnog, listen to some nice sappy music, wrap presents, and be merry.

    That's a really pretty photo. You've perfectly captured the bird.

  6. grrr. all my comments keep getting erased these days! Bottom line: get merry! (ok, it meant more the first time I said it).

  7. Beautiful picture! I was planning to start Christmas shopping this week until the flu hit our house. I always end up putting off for too long too.

  8. What a breathtakingly beautiful photo, Lynn! Is that the Real Color??? Great postcard... great notecard... great framed photo! :-)

  9. That's a beautiful shot! You could blow it up to make a poster :-) Happy shopping and I hope the crowd is less when you are there.

  10. Hi Becca, thank you! That email was from me...had you confused huh?

    Hey Chuck! I could say the same about your blog photos so you KNOW how I do it...patience and lots of editing..ha!

    Ha Xuan, yes, the winter plants/flowers are beautiful in the US but I'd die to have that poinsettia growing in my yard!

    Wendy, ok girl, it's not the spirit of christmas I lack (love the decorations, music, parties!) it's the shopping part I don't like...not your average mall rat. I'd rather get all my shopping done at Barnes & Nobles. stop hitting the 'delete' button after your comments...teehee!

    Hi Catherine, hope the girls are better today!

    Hi Shady, it was early morning and the sky was more of a smoky pink..I contrasted a bit to highlight the seagull..

    Thanks, dear Stephanie! The photo enlarged is a little blurry...otherwise I WOULD have framed it for my wall. Thanks for visiting;)

  11. Wow...what a beautiful glow...just gorgeous!

  12. I can't seem to post either with no flowers blooming. OMG today is vintage thingies Thursday and I didn't do one. Guess because I was busy setting up this new computer yesterday and transferring everything to a new external HD before setting it up. Gee is it to late?
    Quit babbling - gorgeous picture of your California trip. We were suppose to go down for Thanksgiving so Bob could have a holiday with his mother - he's never had one. Then I got sick and wrecked that! Shoot for next year I guess!!!

  13. Glowing gorgeous! How I would love to be there right now too!

  14. That's a great capture. The most important feature of the picture is the bird. It reminds me of what someone said "A bird with no legs that must continue to fly. It cannot settle down." I can look at the scene the whole day and daydream. Lynn, while you go shopping, maybe you can share with us some pictures of beautiful christmas trees and chrimassy decorations. Good luck and I hope you get what you like at a bargain price!

  15. I'm with you on the shopping procrastination Lynn! Don't like the crowds - heck, I don't like shopping period. I'm so envious of my sister - her shopping was done before Thanksgiving, and everything's already wrapped and under her tree. Wish I was done. One of these years I'll follow her example. maybe.

    Beautiful photo - looks so peaceful, and. . . warm! We've had a few snow flurries today, and it hasn't even hit 30 degrees yet today. Brrrr!

  16. Such a pretty shot Lynn, sure wish I was warm on the beach right now! It only got up to 36 today. Brrrrr! I think my late flowers are going to be goners soon. Darn.

  17. This is a breathtaking pic, want to be there right now!

  18. I don't blame you, that beach looks pretty inviting. Wish I were there also

  19. Hi Lynn,
    I am wearing a sweatshirt over a t-shirt, and am still cold. I would love to be on that beach about now, too.

    Enjoy your shopping and such!

  20. Great shot.
    I can see why surfers like the west coast...that's one big wave.

  21. Lovely photo! I'd like to be somewhere warm too - it's quite mild here, but I'm still wearing three jumpers, one of which is the size of a tent and comes down to my knees!

    I've been so busy I've not had time to even think of shopping yet - I always leave it until the last minute!

  22. Kiki, thanks so much!

    Hi Kelly, warms my soul too, especially on this cold day ;)

    Linda, hope you got your computer up and running ok. I can relate with Bob, all these years on the east coast, I've never had Thanksgiving in Calif. with MY family...worst travelling holiday anyway. Hey, babble away...I don't mind and hope you're feeling better.

    Thank you, Jackie...btw, Bandit says hi Ellie Mae ;)

    Autumn Belle, I like that saying. I did make it to the mall this purchases but I snapped some pics of Santa with screaming babies on his lap...why? I don't know! I'll remember the decorations next time for you ;)

  23. Linda, Pfffttt...those way organized shoppers bug me..just kidding! I know people like your sister and some who are even done with xmas shopping by June! NOT US...we like to fly by the seat of our's so much more EXCITING that way. The adrenaline rush of still searching for that perfect gift on December 24th...I can hardly wait...LOL!!

    Robin, Zindagi and Teresa...thank you friends for your visits...I'll return the favor in a minute...

    Sue, dressing in layers will be the norm here too for a while! I'm crazy but I still go barefoot most of the time around the house and yesterday in flip-flops when I went grocery the snow! The die-hard calif. in me...I guess!

    Patsi...and that's just a 'baby' should see the big kahunas ;)

    Phoenix C...I can picture you in your get-up ~ don't blow away! Another shopping procrastinator...YAY!

  24. Hi Lynn, what a wonderful thought, a warm sunny beack! Yummy! But we are not there, so let's make the most of where we are! I feel free to post about just about anything in December, decorating, baking, and yes even shopping. It doesn't have to be all gardens all the time for us! :-)
    just a nudge

  25. Beach is a nicer thought than beack.

  26. Thanks, Frances! I think I figured out your spelling! Thanks for the nudge~I'm still trying to find something interesting to post. I loved yours on the Honest Scraps ;)


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