Saturday, December 12, 2009

Honest Scrap...

My sweet friend, France, has thoughtfully tagged me for an Honest Scrap Award. Since I did a similar meme a few months back...and happily didn't lose my friendly readers...I'll take another chance and share more nonsense about yours truly. So, here goes...

1) Lucky me, as a military brat, I attended 10 different schools before graduating as a junior. A move was actually in the works for my senior kidding! So night classes and after-school work credits earned me an early diploma~two weeks before our move to Florida! Not fond is the memory of transferring schools three times during 6th grade. As a kid, you don't have much say in the matter and all the changes either force you to be a social pariah or overly friendly. I guess I chose the later as I still keep in touch with friends I made in the 3rd grade...while living in Hawaii.

2) Just call me Jack. Specifically, Jack of All Trades ;) Some of my past stints include, but not limited to: legal secretary, bookkeeper, nanny, realtor, medical transcriptionist, florist...etc, etc. Too many interests/skills...none of which earns me a decent living! Currently, I'm a data entry temp and a ZUMBA instructor...weird combo, I know! And, yes, I'm still trying to figure out what to be when I grow up...for I won't ever grow old...teehee!

3) I'm such a cry baby! A touching commercial, an ad for UNICEF, SPCA...pass me the tissues! Relentless teasing is what I get from the gang. In a movie theatre, any emotional scenes (sad or happy!) and I'll feel 3 pairs of eyes staring at me in the dark...snickering! Oh.... 4)...I love Snickers! My favorite form of sugary junk! Pay Day and Almond Joy tie for second. Basically, anything with nuts!

5) I once stowed away in a bookmobile! (A library on there still such a thing?) I'd plan my whole schedule around its visits. So, out of eyesight and totally engrossed in my book, (probably a Harlequin Romance ~ remember those?), I hadn't realized it was closing time until I felt the wheels turning! Imagine the surprised look when the driver opened the door to a hysterical, screaming 14-yr. old. That was a hard one to explain to the parents...

6) I have a 'thing' for re-reading favorite books! It doesn't bother me that the pages are well worn and creased. I fall in love with a new passage every time. Same goes with watching favorite movies...over and over. Wasting my time you say?'s too short, do what you know and love ;)

7) I always mess up when re-telling a joke....always!

8) I save my life...whistle! I'm not talking about a tune here, but your basic, pursing of the lips and making some kind, any kind, of noise...nope, just can't do it! Nothing comes out but hot air! And if you're one of those that can use two fingers to create that loud, ear-piercing call, I soo admire you! Go ahead...let's hear it!

9) I watch the Superbowl purely for the commercials! Who's playing...? Teams' stats...? Who cares! I'll root for the side with the cuter quarterback and if I like the color of the! So this is one of my favorite commercials. Cute huh? And I will happily host the party because I love food...which leads to...

10) I eat when I'm happy. I eat when I'm sad. I eat when I'm nervous, excited, bored, heartbroken. I eat when I'm NOT hungry! I need to find a new all-consuming bad habit...any suggestions? (Please don't say!)

Though fun to share with you more 'honest crap' (say Honest Scrap 3x fast!), I'll refrain from passing along this meme. Many of you would rather NOT be tagged anyway so I'll respect that and just move on...
Thanks again, dear France, I send you a hug and this special cloud-encased heart...which my camera was two seconds shy of capturing in perfect see it, don't you?
Have a great weekend everyone! Stay warm!


  1. #1 - ouch! 10 schools? And you can read and write? You are a hero!
    #5 - I love it!
    #10 - blogging is my suggestion. Wait, eating and blogging are inseparable! oops...
    Have a Happy Holiday Season Lynn!

  2. Tatyana! I edited the blogging remark before I read your comment...funny! Definitely inseparable! Thanks, Happy Holidays to you, too!

  3. Well Lynn you can get the job of your choice with all of that talent.
    I use to love going to the bookmobile to get books.
    I have #10 down to yours with a capital E.
    Beautiful Pictures!

  4. Hi Lona, i guess the problem is how long will the job hold my Yes, that bookmobile played a huge part in creating my love of reading. To get lost for hours on end...the best, no? Okay, you didn't help with any suggestions for #10...ha!

  5. these are excellent - each one!
    i do believe we are kin.

    keep it where ya got it, Kiddo!

  6. Let's see easy to cry and Snickers, those are two things we definitely have in common.
    You do have a lot of interesting things about you. Ever since you mentioned Zumba in an earlier post I've been wanting to try. I think I'll have to make my sister join me so I have someone to laugh with while I try. Too bad you didn't teach it here :)

  7. Nice to see ya, Chuck ;) Thanks for your visit and kind words! Hava great day!

    Hey Catherine, I do hope you can find a Zumba class in your area..I know you will just LOVE it! Some days, I Zumba for 3 hours! It's the only workout everyone smiles before, during and after...honest!

  8. Oh! Dear Lynn, you realy touched my heart this morning. These last few days have been rough so the " crying baby" in me is out too. I have a thing about nuts and almonds too. But the best,
    I can't whistle ! You made my day! Hugs, France

  9. Lynn, this is great stuff. I'm with you on a few of these, but so nice to learn more about you. Along with helping me break into a little gardening (finally got my paperwhites today.. a little late for Christmas but they'll be nice throughout winter), maybe you can come out and give my Zumba lessons, something else I'd like to try.

    Again, great stuff and so enjoyable to read and look at your beautiful photos.

    Love ya!

  10. Bonjour and merci, France!
    I'm happy to bring you a smile and love that we have some common quirks :) And we can have fun blowing hot air!

    Thanks Ginny! Glad you got the paperwhites...don't forget to slice off the bottom so they don't get too leggy...please email me pictures when they bloom.
    And I'll be happy to give you Zumba lessons anytime...just let me know when ;)!!

  11. Lynn, the sky (in #3 and #4 points) that has spiral clouds is so astonishing. Hey, you can dance zumba? An instructor?! How fun! I wish I could do some zumba :-D I like to dance once in a while he he...

  12. Lynn, I feel that I have just taken a walk with you where you tell me about yourself and I get to know you better. What an amazing and interesting person you are. Somehow, although the scenery here is cloudy and grey but the feeling is sentimental, it's kind of like I have met you before, maybe somewhere in time?

  13. Hi Stephanie! Those are actually contrails from a jet...I thought it was really cool! There must be Zumba near you~go to and find instuctor register for your area and let me know ;)

    How sweet you are, Autumn Belle! To become better friends just through words and pictures is why we enjoy blogging so..thank you, friend!

  14. Wow! so many moves! I guess you have to really polish your social skills when you have to make new friends every few months. How wonderful that you were able to make life long friends though!!

    Didn't know you were teaching Zumba now!

    The days of the bookmobile... I never did enter one of those things, but my husband who lived in the boondocks would always look forward to the bookmobile's visit.

    I am also always messing up a joke! I usually end up telling the punch line in the joke. There's only one I can do well...

    knock knock - who's there - interrupting cow - interrupting cow who? - mooooooooo! (say this annoyingly while interrupting the person's "interrupting cow who?")

  15. Lynn, those sky photos are stunning!!! I also enjoyed reading your revelations. ;)

  16. LOL, Wendy, thanks for the knock knock joke! I can see how this one would be too easy to mess up on...haha!
    Please let me know if you've tried Zumba! I may actually be going to the DC area for an event in January ;)

    Thanks so much, Di! Your last post still resonates for me...I loved it1

  17. great post! It is always fun to learn the little things about our blogging buddies!
    If I don't get around before then, have a merry Christmas!

  18. So nice learning more about you Lynn! Must have been rough moving so much as a kid. Snickers is one of my favorite candy bars too. Zumba looks like such a fun way to work out (and burn off all those calories from your favorite hobby!)

    Great sky shots!

  19. WOW Image! LOVE your work.... Enjoy the Holiday Season. I hope we get some cloud action like you are enjoying.

    Merry Christmas

  20. Yikes, I thought I moved around too much as a kid but you win! I enjoyed your humor while learning we have more in common! Happiest of Holidays to you!

  21. Thanks for all of this intimate sharing, Lynn. We always worried about moving our kids, although our moves were nothing like yours. But since you turned out so well, that eases the guilt somewhat. I loved your scrap, and I cannot whistle either. Ah, the bookmobile, what a wonderful thing that was way back when. Thanks for letting us know a little bit more about the REAL you. :-)

  22. 'Making Your day' a little late in the day :-)

    And yes, there are still book mobiles around. Here in the UK anyways. We have the mobile library come to our village every Wednesday afternoon. And if you forget to pick up the book you ordered, they come knock at your door and bring it you. Just like the olden days.
    Like you, I too am a re (re-re) reader. Once asked if I wanted a book for my birthday, I told them "No thanks: I've got one."
    Still get teased about that and still read the very book from time to time.


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