Monday, May 4, 2009

Best gift ever!

I'm over the moon! My Christmas present (an IOU from HH) was completed just in time for my birthday last week! It's my new compost bin! Come and see! It's 9ft long and has three compartments that are each 3'x3' It's pretty heavy duty and looks great, don't you think? The sides have heavy chicken wire and the front has 1x6 slats that lift up and out of the built-in groves. I'm to fill one end and move the material over as it breaks down so by the time I get to the third bin, it will be black gold. The weeding marathon this weekend filled up 1 1/2 bins already! And he thought it would be too big!

I have been bagging leaves from spring clean up and that, mixed with shredded newspaper and new greens, will hopefully break down fast...I'm hesitant to add kitchen scraps (there are bears in our neighborhood!) but maybe eggshells and coffee grounds will be ok....? We're debating whether to have a wooden top (on hinges) or just a heavy canvas...easy on and off for little me.

If anyone would like instructions on how to build this, please let me know.
And my Honey didn't stop there! Sunday was spent trimming trees and shrubs and seeding bare spots in the lawn.

Maybe I'll give him next weekend off and he can enjoy a golfing marathon....
Hey, he's not Hubba Hubba for nothing..LOL!!


  1. Thanks! I tried another pot and some different soil and less water this time so I hope I can get them to grow this time. I also had trouble my moss roses too. You pretty much have to "forget" about them and they are growing slowly. Love your new compost. Did your hubby build it?

  2. I am desperate to have one just like yours! What a great gift. If your hubby would share, I would love to know how he built it! That is exactly what I was after!~
    Heather (in case this is easier to send directions)

  3. Oh Lynn, your IOU gift came just in time for all the leaves isn't it? I am so happy for you :-D The bin look so sturdy and practical, good job! Oh, bears do come by? Yeah, better not include those kitchen scrap. And yes, TQ for stopping by my blog earlier too. Happy belated birthday!

  4. That is great. Isn't it funny what we gardeners consider a great gift? That's exactly the type of thing I ask my husband to build me for birthdays.

  5. What a wonderful compost bin! Lucky you.

    Bears? I wouldn't be putting kitchen scraps in! Are they around often?

  6. Yes, this is THE gift! Congratulations!
    Lynn, the last picture touched me to the depth of my heart! It's an illustration to my dream... Lucky you!

  7. Hi Aidensmom. Yes, HH built the compost bin for me. I provided instructions I picked up at the NY Botanical Garden and he added to it. I'm thrilled with the result!

    Heather, I'll get the directions to you via email this weekend ok? Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    Thanks, Stephanie. I've seen 2 bears in the last few years right out my living room window so they were close! Amazing, but scary too!

    Catherine and Phoenix, thank you so much! I'm so glad I'm not hauling my yard waste to the dump anymore...should have asked for one years!

    Hi Tatyana, glad that photo touched your heart so. I AM lucky! Thanks :)

  8. What a fabulous compost bin! I like that it has the three sections...very cool! Have you ever thought about verma-compost (worms)? They would really break your compost down quickly. Beautiful flowering tree as well :)

  9. That is a great looking compost bin! I'm not so talented in the hammer and nails department so I ended up buying mine. Looks like Bandit is fascinated with the outdoor antics of your Honey.

  10. Good job HH! Your compost bins are going to give back to the garden for years to come. :)

  11. Wow! What a greatcompost bin? Do you think that would work in a garage? I can't have anything like that in my yard, but I would love to see if it can't b accomplished for the garage.

  12. You have such a talented hubby. Your compost bins are terrific. I see puppy is watching the yard work :-)

  13. Hi Marissa, thank you! I did notice plenty of worms in the leaf bags when it was emptied them so hopefully, they will speed things along. I have heard that you can order them by the hundreds!

    Jill, well hammer and nails I can handle...but electric drills, blades..not so much..that's the big guy's Bandit was kept indoors as it was damp and the lawn was just cut..he would have had green feet!

    Thanks, Racquel..I will be saving money, too!

    Hi Melanie, I know composts need air for circulation so unless you had something small and contained that you could tumble?..therwise the garage may smell.

    Hi Lona, yep, he's a keeper..hubby AND Bandit..haha!

  14. The bin is awesome! Your hubby is definitely a keeper! Love the pic of Bandit! -Jackie

  15. Awesome! I simply love that bin! And wow, you sure did fill it up! I think coffee grounds would be fine. I save my eggshells in a paper bag then crush them after I have a few (about half a bag) and spread on my gardens. I think it helps with slugs, plus the birds love them and they look nice (as long as they are crushed). I think the eggshells provide potassium; which plants and animals need. You can compost them too but saving them gets them right where they need. My I'm wordy. ttyl Love that compost bin!

  16. Boy am I late - I don't know what happened Lynn, I remember reading the header and . . . who knows I've been a bit scatterbrained lately. Ok so I'm always kind of scatterbrained but more so lately I think. I spent everyday last week at the hospital and then just collapsed I think once my Dad got out!
    Ok back to your post. I LOVE THIS!!!! Bob keeps saying he's going to build me one - I have one we bought - yuk! This is the one I think I want him to do! So you open up the front slats to remove and put in next bin? Yup just looked again. Tell Hubba Hubba he did a FINE job!!!


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